Sep. 2nd, 2014

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Wowow I just made two icons and I haven't made icons in FOREVER so they're not the best but I'm still really proud of them? I rather miss making icons! Since I'm going to be getting back into the habit of using DW, expect to see some new icons making appearances! :)

Alright so today marks the start of my impromptu (?!) 4-day vacation because the water park IS NOW CLOSED ON WEEKENDS! Hoorah! Sort of. I don't really know how I feel about this. For those of you not in the know, Xavier took a promotion at work that meant I could not be under his direct supervision. Even though we never created an issue in the past, even though there are plenty of ways OTHER people are bending the rules, I had to be relocated. So up to the water park I went, which was fine and all while it was still the spring/summer season. But now it's over and the water park is only open on weekends and so that SUCKS as far as a paycheck goes.

In reality, I should go and find a new job - preferably one closer to Escondido (where I'm living), preferably one with benefits and better than 11.50/hr pay. But I'm comfortable and I'm lazy and despite the way I feel utterly shafted in this situation, I love the environment that I work in. I applied for the Guest Communications Coordinator position (I worked with them over spring, too, so really I'm a shoe-in for the position, and it's going to be part time with the possibility of turning into full-time when they can expand the department, which would be FLAWLESS), and I applied for the Brick-or-Treat seasonal events position because I think that would be really fun to do.

We'll see how that turns out. I don't work again until Saturday, and then it looks like I'll have a Sunday shift, a short shift on Wednesday, and possibly one next Saturday but not as a lead. I wonder if I'll still be getting lead pay since I Haven't signed an action form to the contrary. Otherwise, it's back to 10.50/hr

In other more exciting news! Because this is all about spending money which is a terrible topic to follow up with after talking about how my hours are being cut? I bought an Alpacasso and it is RAINBOW colored (only because the blue and beige ones are sold out :c) and I'm going to name it Hajime and apparently it's going to ship on Friday? idk why it will take a week to ship but whatever. That means it should be here in a week? I WANT IT NOW but yeah super excited because I've wanted a giant alpacasso FOREVER and it was only $20 because of free shipping and $5 off so THAT'S COOL. So much cheaper than buying it at a con, even though my choices were limited.

AND SPEAKING OF HAJIME, GATCHAMAN CROWDS WAS RELEASED IN THE US TODAY So I went and bought a copy because there is no way I'm waiting until a con while probably not saving anything (it ended up being 44.99 after 10% off which is typical con prices, really). I added a $5 grab bag thing from the website so I could get free shipping. SO EXCITED. The dub doesn't sound fantastic but I'm always just sort of skeptical buT SUGANE. MY PRECIOUS BB SUGANE. MAYBE THIS WILL INSPIRE ME TO FINISH FIC?

The Panic! At the Disco concert last Wednesday WAS AMAZING!!! We got SUPER LOST and that in itself was a MAJOR EXPERIENCE oh my god we ended up driving up this little narrow road where all these people were walking down and then ?!?!? SUDDENLY WE WERE ON A PEDESTRIAN/BIKE PATH AND I WAS JUST IN THE BACK LIKE "I FUCKED UP OH MAN I FUCKED UP SO BAD" and we were all freaking out and poor J probably got really stressed (I'm sorry J for being a bad navigator) and Southie or Lisa kept saying "JUST PRETEND LIKE WE'RE SUPPOSED TO BE HERE HELL YEAH" so we turned around in the middle of the courtyard and drove back down trying not to scream but then we found parking (and we didn't pay? but we didn't get a ticket or get towed so that's okay). We have no idea where everyone else parked. But on the plus side, SDSU is a really pretty campus! We didn't have Yasi with us to be our guide haha but we will for Bastille in November!

What else?

Going to hang out with Xavier tomorrow which WILL BE SO NICE because I haven't seen him for more than like MAYBE 10 minutes at one point over the last two weeks. It's just always really briefly at work before I head up to the water park. Thursday I'm going to hang out with Dianne up in Temecula! The nice thing about having so little days at work is I can go and see more people!

Lockwood 2 comes out in two weeks, The Maze Runner movie comes out shortly after that (after being so excited all summer I CAN'T BELIEVE I FORGOT!!). I'm waiting for my books from SFBC to come so I can start reading The Queen of Tearling for our book club. More on that most likely after I get the book.

For now, I'm going to take a quick shower and then go get my nails done. There is this place by work that does gel nail polish which is stronger than regular nail polish so hopefully it will hold up against all my typing! Also, we are allowed to start wearing COLORED POLISH at work now! So that is super cool and I don't feel guilty about doing it. It's apparently really cheap too. I'll also need to buy milk/creamer because WE WERE ALL OUT and I don't like almond milk so my coffee this morning was a bit sad. But beyond that, today Southie and I are going to liveblog our mundane day over instagram! Feel free to follow me! but she'll be waking up late so there will be time for that later.

PS We might also go buy a bunch of fabric to make jellyfish out of shhhh who knows

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