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So I decided to make a post that holds all my sewing info with upcoming projects, current projects, and the like. It'll be a sticky post so that I can come back to it often :) and because my previous sticky post, of RP muses, is sort of moot because I no longer RP

Personal Sewing Projects:
Random outfit! (want to finish by AX)
- Grey skirt (about 50% completed)
- Burgundy vest (about 20% completed)
- Striped shirt
- Burgundy hat
Dapper Day Dress (finish by September)
- Dress

Cosplay Projects:
Fem!Aziraphale (finish by late July)
- Tartan pencil skirt
- Wings (make or buy)
- Wire-frame glasses

Possible Projects:
- 1925!Miku
- Code:Variant!Gumi
- FFX!Rikku
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It has been awhile since I last posted, and even those last few posts haven't had much substance in general. I won't bother going into a lot of detail because it has been mundane and boring. So here is just a brief going on of what has been happening in the life of Mab.

Sister has officially moved out! Ah, so exciting! So relieving! Mom has cleaned the downstairs and wowow in one day, it was cleaner than it had been in FOREVER. Well, since August when Claire moved home. She also found the box of old cameras that Edgar's uncle gave Claire. I wand to get them fixed up and play with them oh my gosh I know film cameras are out of date and expensive but hnnng it would be so hipster much fun to take pictures with them! They're all super classy looking as well.

Claire took Elle with her instead of Kailan, so now I am saddled with a needy dog that doesn't understand personal space. It's fine when she's calm (like right now, she's sleeping next to me). But when she's not, it's IMPOSSIBLE. That and Molly isn't too fond of her and so she won't come near me most of the time when Kailan is around. I just want my kitty cuddles ubuu

January 4th-6th was Anime LA, which was just a chance for me to hang out with people I normally don't hang out with. I didn't cosplay--I dressed up fancy for photos on Sunday, though. My pink wig STILL hasn't arrived (I ordered it December first, delivery date was projected to be December 20th-January 9th. Um.) so I couldn't do Gunnerkrig!Annie. Also, no longer felt like doing Jack Frost which was too bad because I spent like $14 on the wig so now I have this unstyled silver wig kicking around. Oh well.

Around the 5th or so I noticed this rash appearing on my right arm. Thinking nothing of it, I carried on. 15 days later, it has since spread and now I'm starting to worry about it. It's across both shoulders/clavicle, up my neck, and has now progressed down to my hips/back. THE HELL. And now it's starting to itch! I don't know how I got it. My mom thinks it might be the pets, but I got it before they started sleeping in my bed near constantly, and I never had an issue with them when they DID sleep in my bed. I should probably wash my sheets though. I have since changed my towels and washed all my clothes since that time. Have an appointment with the dermatologist on Wednesday. Ugh. I'm die.

I don't know if that dry patch on my face is part of the rash or just part of the dry skin I've been having all over my face due to the face cream I have to use. Ugh my life.

Oh that reminds me I owe the dermatologist $30 still because my insurance didn't cover it all/it might have been because I canceled an appointment less than 24 hrs before the appointment and you get charged for that/it was originally $20 but I forgot to tell my mom and it has since gone up whoops.

I have a warm puppy curled up against one side of my leg and a hot cup of tea on the other. It is a very warm leg.

Okay so what else.

Bought fabric for my next dapper day dress! I just need to buy a pattern. I'm going to pick through Vogue and Butterick on the 1st/2nd because Joann's is having a giant sale. But I also have this really cute Simplicity pattern that I'm tempted to use, though I don't want one that is so narrow. I did buy 4 yards of fabric, though. If I go with one with too much flare, I might not have enough. There was a very cute vogue pattern I saw that I might get. It has a dress and a bolero. Though I also really like this one so if I see it I might nab it... I love pattern sales oh my goodness. I also bought this really cute hat pattern so I need to buy some red felt for that. Or use more of my brown fabric and get a red accent. But! Xavier is going to come with me! And so will Justin and probably Lisa. Diego and his girlfriend might come as well. Justin and Lisa won't be dressing up though ahaha bums

Xavier texted me yesterday saying that Justin Crast (one of our supervisors) called him into his office to ask if we were indeed dating. Because apparently several people told him about us? Which bothers both of us because, what, did we inconvenience you so much that you had to go out of your way to tell one of the higher-ups? We weren't exactly 100% discreet while at work, but we still kept everything professional and he still treats my cash outs just like any other MC. Yet still people had to have felt bothered by us enough to go and tell Justin. That's weird, right? Ugh it kind of frustrates me. Xavier didn't ask who it was that had told Justin, but I figured he wouldn't have told anyway. I'd like to know. To just go up to them and go "really? Our personal life outside of work concerns you that much?" Whatever. The overall result of that being that we no longer have to be discreet about it (we kept it to ourselves before because Xavier is cash out lead and therefor a higher position than I am). So, that's nice.

In other news, jobs are open at the hotel! I think I'll apply for concierge, since I have no "hotel front desk" experience (and a preferred candidate would speak Spanish fluently guh). Though I suppose it wouldn't hurt to apply for that anyway. I'll have my mom help me spruce up my resume tomorrow and get that turned in.

When August rolls around, I'll be moving out to Chicago with Tiffany! We'll be there until mid December. I'm so very excited about this. (hah look Lego Discovery Center in Chicago is hiring right now!) She's going to attend the sister school to her current university for one term.

Ugh my chin itchesssss I itch all over I hate this rash asldfkj rolls around and dies

With Motorcity over, the fandom has come up with two new ideas to keep the fans active: Motorcomic and Motorjam. The Jam I am quite nervous about because it's a very intense weekend of creating a game. I'll be writing for one (hopefully!). It's going to be February 8th-10th. I'm hoping that they'll announce our teams before so I can at least get a head start on plotting in case I have to work those days? I won't know for another two weeks if I will or not. Ugh.

Motorcomic, on the other hand, is going to be VERY exciting! Things are finally start to kick into gear. We're allowed to pick up two prompts, and so I've claimed a couple of fun ones ;) I had to drop two I wanted to do (one I might not pick up again, the second I likely will). The first one I've got is focused on the relationship between Kane and Mike, and how Julie viewed it (being Kane's daughter and all). Already got some good plotting done with my cowriter :) the second prompt is that someone pops up claiming to be Mike's father. I started to get ideas this morning, but I am going to be the only writer for that one it looks like. Though I will likely be turning to Wrexie and Rutella for assistance. If... Wrexie actually confirms. She's been on skype, just not on the forums... Hm. I just want to get STARTED ALREADY!

I should type up my stuff for the Mike's father prompt and share it. Yeaaaah.

Whelp i'm going to go wash my face and head to bed. i need to get my oil changed tomorrow. I should also really get back to cleaning my room...


PS2 I need to think of a tag for whenever I talk about me and Xavier because, you know, I tag almost every other aspect of my life. Whoops.
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It's more like "the sketch of a post" but I like the sound of "a sketchy post" better.

This post is here to say that hay I am alive let me give you a quick run down of things before hopping upstairs to warmth and writing and tea

My last three days of work in three words each:
Friday: Long. Also: TARDIS!!!!!!!!!!!!11!
Saturday: Covered in Fanta.
Sunday: Whoops I forgot.
As in I was scheduled for work today but forgot and got a call an hour after my shift was supposed to start with them going "everything okay?" and me going "SDFKLJESLSKDFJ I AM SO SORRYYYYYYYYY" but I didn't have to come in in the end.

Turned in my application for Clarion on the 13th. I shall proceed not to think about it until I hear back from them. Instead, Souppy has tasked me with the responsiblity of writing 1000 words each day for the next 20 days (or, if I miss a day, having to write 2k the next day, etc), until I have finished Wayfarer. I'll be passing 10k today, and it's weird to think that "wow I've already gotten this much done--!" even though if I was doing NaNo I would have gotten way more than this much done in this amount of time hahaha but for it not being NaNo, it's a good number for me.

I've also been trying to work on this skirt. I hope to finish it by the end of this week.

At the end of this week, going up to Anahiem for a meeting for AX. Ryan from work is coming up with me since he's a new hire for Info Services. Originally I wanted to go up and visit waif-ooh and sister on the 25th and then drive out on the 26th, but I'm scheduled to be trained at window from 10:30 until 7 on that Saturday :/ sucks.

Oh, yes, I've gotten two level-ups at work: I'm now training for guest services and I get to be an OJT/on the job trainer, which means I get to train new-hires! How exciting! (also, more money!)

Lastly, I've signed up for [community profile] fantasybigbang (go, join, encourage friends ot join, round 3 is open!), and [profile] crimestory and possibly even the OFBB's reverse challenge. But I plan on posting the writing here as well as [ profile] past0rl_insanty, simply because I can post long stories ALL IN ONE POST ON HERE!!! instead of like three on LJ. I plan on writing the prequel to my Camp NaNo/07 NaNo for [community profile] fantasybigbang! And writing an epic P4 fic for crimestory that I need to figure out details for help meeeeee

Watching a lot of classic Sherlock Holmes with Ronald Howard as I sew. Jeremy Brett is my Holmes, but I am quite fond of Howard and his Watson! It's a very good production~

I think that is all. If there is anything else, I will be back tomorrow with another post. Perhaps I will have pictures of my skirt if I make any progress in making it look like an actual skirt hahaha

PS While I don't know if I'll be going to AX (it is likely) I can't decide if I want to cosplay or not. I think that if I do, it will just be something easy like 1925!Miku or probably even Code:Variant!Gumi, and rewearing Musunde Hiraite!Miku (because hell that took me a long time I'm going to wear it more than once). The nice thing about 1925 and Code:Variant is that I wouldn't mind wearing them in non-cosplay situations.

Alright that is all. Scooting along on upstairs!

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