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Wow it's like I only come to you guys when I need a place to put things that isn't tumblr or twitter I'm sorry.

I think I want to start using this some more than I have in the year or two past, mostly because -- while not a lot has happened -- I like having this space to turn to that isn't limited by characters or viewable by so many people. (Or anyone because I don't know who is still here?!) (IF YOU ARE HI HOW HAVE YOU BEEN I HAVE MISSED THIS SPACE)

Okay but I have created a writing twitter dedicated to me rambling on about my stories so I don't spam lil-miss-banana with it all. So please check out pepper_squash if you are interested in it! A few days ago, after deciding I wanted to talk about my stories, I decided to tweet about them. And I selected 20 different titles to talk about. Novels, "novellas", "idk what to do with these", "I would love to write this if it didn't take so much time" and "oh my god I forgot about these". And then I took the time to pull that all from twitter and format it. Only now it's posted backwards so I have to fix that before I post it on here.

So be prepared for the madness below the cut of like 6k+ of me talking about 20 different stories sobs


(/curtain draws shut across the scene)
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Here we go!

A: Antique glass shatters as time shifts.
A: We follow after the retreating sun.
B: They're only out for the brain.
C: It tasted faintly of boiled cabbage.
C: Only the whites of her eyes.
D: The choice is difficult, but necessary.
E: A million volts spill from her.
F: Even with a different face: Forever.
F: Impregnable and lasting, walls stretching high.
G: Grapes crushed to wine beneath feet.
G: Paint fading after too many summers.
H: It'll stop hurting as you die.
I: The water trickled slowly through dirt.
J: "What a plot twist," Joker said.
K: "Koala bear," she snapped, "won't work."
K: All that glitters -- a regular magpie.
K: Kayaks cutting through the still lake.
L: Her mouth twisted, sharp and sour.
L: The yellow moon hangs low tonight.
M: "Excellent," she said, twirling her moustache.
N: "We are one, together," she whispered.
O: The color of fire, warm, inviting.
O: He returns home a different man.
P: "You'll pop, just like that weasel."
P: A lovely curtsy, a fowl mouth.
Q: "I will obey," said the queen.
Q: She paused, the question left unspoken.
R: Her lungs full to bursting -- straining.
R: Stones slick with moss are scattered.
S: Sacrifice the foot, if it'll fit.
T: "Happiness," he said, "is good tea."
U: He pulled back, flushing bright crimson.
U: It spreads to cover every inch.
V: Lights form a halo, blinding her.
V: Strings of infected code breaking down.
W: In place of blood it flows.
X: It's a frightening, unfamiliar strangeness.
X: Her small chimes make tinny sounds.
Y: Yak burgers, she decided, are delicious.
Y: KIT and HAG don't mean much.
Z: We reach the zenith, toppling over.
Z: A full cycle of animal guides.
Z: We mix together, stripes bending shadows.

Okay so I am technically missing three but I can't think of anything for "vole", "Jejune", and "quark". I feel like some of them turned into riddles where you have to guess what the prompt was LOL here is the post with the original prompts.

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Okay really quickly before I go get dressed to run errands:

So I'm asking you all to help me. Basically it's combining 6-word stories with the alphabet meme. In which I will write 26 6-word stories based on words starting with each letter of the alphabet. Why? Because I am crazy. Posting this on tumblr, cross-posting between LJ/DW, will update as often as possible. 

  • A: Antique, After
  • B: Brain
  • C: Cabbage, Crazy
  • D: Darwinian
  • E: Energy
  • F: Friend, Fortress
  • G: Grape, Gnome
  • H: Hurting
  • I: Irrigation
  • J: Joker, Jejune
  • K: Koala, Kleptomaniac , Kayak
  • L: Lemons, Lunar
  • M: Moustache
  • N: Nation
  • O: Orange, Odyssey
  • P: Pop, Princes
  • Q: Queen, Quark, Question
  • R: Running, Ruin
  • S: Shoe
  • T: Tea
  • U: Underwear, Ubiquitous
  • V: Vole, Vanity, Virus
  • W: Water
  • X: Xenophobia, Xylophone
  • Y: Yak, Yearbook
  • Z: Zebra, Zenith, Zodiac
So who wants to give me some words?

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