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One more quick thing so I can actually have it somewhere I won't forget:

- September 16th: Lockwood & Co. book 2!
- September 22nd: Sleepy Hollow Season 2!
- September 30th: Johannes Cabal book 4!
- October 14th: The Lost Abhorsen!
- October 22nd: The 100 Season 2!

The good thing is all the books come out on Tuesdays and I have Wednesdays off SO I WILL GET TO READ ALL DAY THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER
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Alright so apologies for that last post. I was just really upset and kind of a mess and needed to vent. So you guys get my venting instead of the boyfriend I do not have. Hoorah!

Mom came home shortly after I made that post and I had managed to mostly sober up but I sounded like I either had a stuffy nose or that I had been crying. She was actually really cool about it and was really helpful and supportive of me. She thinks the largest reason for my freakout was just running on 3 hours of sleep and a last two days. And, admittedly, I am doing all of this rather last minute, but it is not my fault they hire me on the 15th of March and expect me to have everything finished by the 30th of April (this really does not give me enough time).

Ended up having technical difficulties regarding getting the pretest to load so I had to call my student and tell her I couldn't make it and that we'll arrange for the first session when she gets back from vacation. I need to hope that everything fixes itself soon or I'll have to call my student for tomorrow to reschedule and possibly on Monday as well (though hopefully not).

Hunger Games last night was super amazing and the acting was just superb. I think all of the casting was perfect. I'll make a post about it later with pictures (I've only got two of myself really). We met this girl in line that was cosplaying Castiel for whatever reason but we weren't about to question it. She became our new best friend. We also met this other guy that was also a fan of Supernatural. We were almost interviewed by the news but timing was bad and then we couldn't find her after but that's okay. We had a lot of fun and it was amazing but now I am so freaking exhausted and I have work in the morning.

I don't have a day off until Friday. But I have to tell myself that my next paycheck, between tutoring and Legoland, is going to be one pretty penny. I don't have any time to make it out to NFCU but I really need to eventually so I can deposit some money into my savings. I have more than enough wiggle room between this recent paycheck and my tax returns.

Emailed Marc Gunn to figure out what was going on with the Ireland deposit since it hadn't been taken out of my account. He said he received the check but has to mail everything to his out of state bank, but he sent it off the day I had emailed him. So as long as the check made it to him safely, then that is fine. My mom has become more accepting of the fact that I'm going to Ireland hahaha I joke about how I plan on taking dad's kindle with me and she said that maybe they'll just get me one of my own for my birthday! That would be quite groovy, though a bit late for Ireland haha

Oh crap I start work at 9 not 9:30. Need to change when my alarm goes off then.

Trained Megan at ticket booth on Wednesday, then trained Christina and Joy today. It was really nice and I've been with Megan and Christina since they trained at turns so it's great that they can keep coming to me if they have any questions or concerns. That was part of the thing I had talked about when applying for OJT: we're the first line of questioning when it comes to the new hires. They ask us before guest service people, before the leads, even before people working at the ticket booths. We're a really laid back group of trainers. So I think we are more approachable. I was with Elizabeth when Ryan was training her, and I joke about watching out for her since I trained her at turns. Like "You better be doing a good job training her, Ryan! I am watching you!!!!"

Getting quite excited for AX even though I'm not cosplaying. Have the first training meeting in April, so Ryan and I are driving up again. I wonder how that will turn out. Last time was. Hm. Interesting hahaha ugh sometimes I am really hopeless when it comes to him

Well it is 10 and I am exhausted and I have to get up at 7 tomorrow. One day I will keep writing, and one day I will post about Hunger Games (it will be a spoiler-filled review, just a warning). But for now, a six-word story (I forgot to do one my last (actual) post!) based on my P4 fic because I need to start writing that:

Another self, born out of madness.

good night all!

Quick Post

Mar. 9th, 2012 08:55 am
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I was all excited because I got paid today and then I looked at my account and it's still a lot lower than I want it to be. Marc Gunn still hasn't taken the money out for the Ireland trip (the check should have gotten there by now... but at least no one else has cashed it yet hahaha) so it makes it feel like I have more money than I do (practically $2000 more than I actually do). But like $525 is the most I've had in my account for awhile. It's taking me a long time to rebuild it after I had to pay $430 for car repairs and $400 for the deposit for Ireland. Hours will start picking up at work, and I've now got OJT hours and GS hours under my belt so that means more, and then the tutoring gig so. Yay!

So I was thinking that I didn't make progress on my to-do list for yesterday until I realised that the only thing I DIDN'T do was the credit score test. Well. After work, I read and then made a really nice dinner. The dinner was totally delicious though so it was so worth it. I have today off, so I'll be doing the online assessment test and form as well as the credit score test. I will not be going to the gym because I don't know how that might affect the TB test. But I have to go get that read later today, and I need to put some manga in the mail. All in all, a doable day.

Last night, I finished rereading Hunger Games. Only took 2 days! and that's only because I wouldn't do anything else Wednesday after my write-in and yesterday after work. TWO WEEKS UNTIL THE MOVIE. I can't wait to see what they're changing, though I already know quite a few things. I am now debating if I want to start rereading Artemis Fowl or just get right to Chestnut King.

I can't believe it's Friday already. It felt like it was Friday two days ago. But this time moving fast is really great because I've got so many things to look forward to. I'm just pretty must enjoying life and things.

Autumn's going to come visit in September, around when the next Dapper Day is. Because it's an evening Dapper Day, she said I could spend the night at her sister or brother's house as they both live really super close to Disneyland. We're going to try and do our sisters Cabal photoshoot (at a decrepit amusement park type thing fasl;dfkj it's going to be really awesome) and our Azi and Crowley shoot then. So excited.

Um. What else? I don't know. I'm going to go eat some breakfast, clean my room, then start doing some productive things.

6-word story of the post:

And in her heart, she knew.
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Alright I was going to go make a to-do list on Tumblr but then I went "NO. WHY SHOULD I. I NEED TO GO BACK TO ABUSING MY DW/LJ MORE." Because this is what it is for: Bloggy things.

So, here we go: This is a list of things I need to do before the 15th, but mostly over the next three days. Writing them down multiple times helps me remember them

+ Print manips and mail them out
+ Call US Healthworks and figure out if they have my TB record
- Called: They should have it--!
+ Get finger printed (remember: print out 3 copies of live scan form)
+ Get milk (also, remember to get debit card from mum for tomorrow)

+ Work from 9:30-2:30
+ Possible TB Test...?

+ Do credit score test
+ Grocery shopping + make dinner (provided parents will be home not late)

+ Get TB test checked after 2:30
+ Online assessment and fill out application
+ Gym, because I'm not going today (/nvm)

+ Work from 8:45-12:45
+ Gym, because why not I will need it
+ If weather is nice, skip the gym, go to the beach!

Things with no real set deadline but preferably soon:
+ Schedule for writing
+ ML message for NaNo, post on ScriptFrenzy board, probably fill out ML form for that
+ Clean my room
+ Print out transcript

Dates to remember:
+ 3/11: Daylight Savings Time ugh there goes an hour
+ 3/15: Orientation at 3 in Escondido
+ 3/17: Info services skype meeting
+ 3/20: Ostara! Making hot cross buns yum yum
+ 3/22: GOTTA GET READY FOR HUNGER GAMES (figure out plans with Tiffany, Kelsey, and Erika)

Okay. Okay? I think that is it. I feel bad for not going to the gym today but right now I just feel really stressed out with suddenly realising that I can't wait to get the finger printing done because it takes 5 days to process and my orientation is on the 15th and god damn why couldn't the tell me sooner?

In other news, it's pretty much certain that I have the tutoring job by the sound of the email. It also sounds like I've been slated into the "1-on-1 Tutoring with Laptops", though I wasn't aware of that (which means they need to check my credit score since I'll be supplied with a laptop and broadband card? oh. But I did an "estimated credit score" online and it looks like I'll be above 610 so yay).

Man I feel like I'm wasting the day but it's only 9:30.

Did my three photomanips last night. I'll have to find a staples or something where I can get them printed out. Or if I figure out where I'm going for the Finger Printing and then see if there is a copy store near there. I don't know. I'll figure it out. I'm proud (enough) of them, though they're not my best. And they won't be framed like the one I received but. I need to write up a note with 1) an apology for taking so long and 2) the story behind them.

I finished reading Dandelion Fire last night and I looooved it. I can't wait to get Chestnut King. I get paid on Friday so I'll order it then, depending on how much I spend between now and then. But it was even better than the first (100 Cupboards) and I'm sad I don't know anyone else who has read it but alas. I liked Monmouth. I hope he's in the next book ahur I also still ship Henry and Henrietta even though they are like 12 and cousins. I CANNOT BE STOPPED Next up on my reading list is trying to decide if I want to reread Hunger Games or Artemis Fowl next. The overall goal is to reread 2 Fowl books a month (well, just 1 in June) in preparation for the release of the last one in July. I can seriously read those two (Artemis Fowl + Arctic Incident) in about three days total, though it will likely only take me three days to read HG. Then I'll... hunt down How to Break Your Dragon's Heart. I think I'll have to buy it. But hopefully I'll also know sometime soon if I've been accepted or not to Clarion (probably not) and if I'll need to read anything by the instructors. We'll see.

Uh. I feel like I had other things to say but I don't remember. So I guess I'll just end it here.

Seeing Kit and Sara do all those 6-word stories made me want to start doing some as well. When I start my writing rotation, the stories will be based on whatever I'm writing for that day. But for now, they'll just be whatever.

"I know," he said, and Fell.

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