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Sep. 12th, 2013 07:59 pm
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Alright so I needed somewhere to put this and why not on my seldom-visited DW?!

forgive the rambling )
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Okay so while my internet is down aka I can't just be distracted by my tumblr I shall update really quickly like!

I am going to be very spotty on here, because the next month is going to be long and a lot of work and I will actually need to manage my time. Which is something I've never really done, like studying. It will be interesting to see if I can pull this off, and how much of my sanity is in tact when April is over my bank account will certainly help in restoring my sanity ;D

Got hold of the company finally! They reset my password (after she gave me the test codes I needed right away), and then she also set up a meeting with the two families I couldn't because of the Spanish language block. Um. So it's going to be busy busy busy! I need an Effie Trinket to help me manage my time really.

I almost did break down in the middle of Panera though. I got off two hours before my tutoring session so I went to Panera to get some food because all I had for breakfast was a banana and an apple, and then some cracker sandwiches during my break. While I got everything resolved, I just felt completely overwhelmed thinking about "how am I going to get this all done?! What if this-and-this doesn't happen? How am I going to reschedule all these shifts?" I don't know. But my first time cards are due soon even though I did things out of order so I might not be paid for anything this month. Who knows. They have yet to get back to me...

And it turns out we're doing Easter at our house. Which just means that I will have to be social with family. It will be the first easter in like... three years that I will be present for? Last year I was at a cosplay gathering, then the year before that was Disneyland, and the year before that was An Cafe! Do not regret any of those events in the slightest. But this year I'm not doing anything but working.

What else.

I am up later than planned but that is okay.

I had such an interesting dream this morning. Normally I can tell when I am dreaming and accept it, but this dream I had I was honestly convinced that it was real. Well, I say real but I mean dream!me thought I was watching an anime. And I loved the soundtrack and really wanted to download it. And I wanted to cosplay the girl. I remember her outfit well enough that, if I feel brave, I might attempt to make it I don't know how I feel about sewing a tutu/petticoat though. I don't remember a lot of the character's names, but one of them I am convinced is named John. And the snotty girl is named Kathleen. I know this for a fact, and it won't be changed. The main boy was named Neko and no matter how I think to change it, his character is set around it being 'Neko' (probably because I thought this was an anime so the name seemed okay but now I am half going NEKU and also NIKO). The girl, whose outfit I want, is named Priscilla, but everyone calls her Scilla (skilla). Why, I don't know, but again that's how it stuck in my head.

I'm not going to talk about it now because I could go on. But I will make a writers of yore tumblr and then talk about it there. Because I can.

I don't have anything else to say. I am going to give you a 6-word story. Maybe one day I will have time to actually write. Though I've been spending most of my free-time reading.

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