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One more quick thing so I can actually have it somewhere I won't forget:

- September 16th: Lockwood & Co. book 2!
- September 22nd: Sleepy Hollow Season 2!
- September 30th: Johannes Cabal book 4!
- October 14th: The Lost Abhorsen!
- October 22nd: The 100 Season 2!

The good thing is all the books come out on Tuesdays and I have Wednesdays off SO I WILL GET TO READ ALL DAY THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER
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It has been awhile since I last posted, and even those last few posts haven't had much substance in general. I won't bother going into a lot of detail because it has been mundane and boring. So here is just a brief going on of what has been happening in the life of Mab.

Sister has officially moved out! Ah, so exciting! So relieving! Mom has cleaned the downstairs and wowow in one day, it was cleaner than it had been in FOREVER. Well, since August when Claire moved home. She also found the box of old cameras that Edgar's uncle gave Claire. I wand to get them fixed up and play with them oh my gosh I know film cameras are out of date and expensive but hnnng it would be so hipster much fun to take pictures with them! They're all super classy looking as well.

Claire took Elle with her instead of Kailan, so now I am saddled with a needy dog that doesn't understand personal space. It's fine when she's calm (like right now, she's sleeping next to me). But when she's not, it's IMPOSSIBLE. That and Molly isn't too fond of her and so she won't come near me most of the time when Kailan is around. I just want my kitty cuddles ubuu

January 4th-6th was Anime LA, which was just a chance for me to hang out with people I normally don't hang out with. I didn't cosplay--I dressed up fancy for photos on Sunday, though. My pink wig STILL hasn't arrived (I ordered it December first, delivery date was projected to be December 20th-January 9th. Um.) so I couldn't do Gunnerkrig!Annie. Also, no longer felt like doing Jack Frost which was too bad because I spent like $14 on the wig so now I have this unstyled silver wig kicking around. Oh well.

Around the 5th or so I noticed this rash appearing on my right arm. Thinking nothing of it, I carried on. 15 days later, it has since spread and now I'm starting to worry about it. It's across both shoulders/clavicle, up my neck, and has now progressed down to my hips/back. THE HELL. And now it's starting to itch! I don't know how I got it. My mom thinks it might be the pets, but I got it before they started sleeping in my bed near constantly, and I never had an issue with them when they DID sleep in my bed. I should probably wash my sheets though. I have since changed my towels and washed all my clothes since that time. Have an appointment with the dermatologist on Wednesday. Ugh. I'm die.

I don't know if that dry patch on my face is part of the rash or just part of the dry skin I've been having all over my face due to the face cream I have to use. Ugh my life.

Oh that reminds me I owe the dermatologist $30 still because my insurance didn't cover it all/it might have been because I canceled an appointment less than 24 hrs before the appointment and you get charged for that/it was originally $20 but I forgot to tell my mom and it has since gone up whoops.

I have a warm puppy curled up against one side of my leg and a hot cup of tea on the other. It is a very warm leg.

Okay so what else.

Bought fabric for my next dapper day dress! I just need to buy a pattern. I'm going to pick through Vogue and Butterick on the 1st/2nd because Joann's is having a giant sale. But I also have this really cute Simplicity pattern that I'm tempted to use, though I don't want one that is so narrow. I did buy 4 yards of fabric, though. If I go with one with too much flare, I might not have enough. There was a very cute vogue pattern I saw that I might get. It has a dress and a bolero. Though I also really like this one so if I see it I might nab it... I love pattern sales oh my goodness. I also bought this really cute hat pattern so I need to buy some red felt for that. Or use more of my brown fabric and get a red accent. But! Xavier is going to come with me! And so will Justin and probably Lisa. Diego and his girlfriend might come as well. Justin and Lisa won't be dressing up though ahaha bums

Xavier texted me yesterday saying that Justin Crast (one of our supervisors) called him into his office to ask if we were indeed dating. Because apparently several people told him about us? Which bothers both of us because, what, did we inconvenience you so much that you had to go out of your way to tell one of the higher-ups? We weren't exactly 100% discreet while at work, but we still kept everything professional and he still treats my cash outs just like any other MC. Yet still people had to have felt bothered by us enough to go and tell Justin. That's weird, right? Ugh it kind of frustrates me. Xavier didn't ask who it was that had told Justin, but I figured he wouldn't have told anyway. I'd like to know. To just go up to them and go "really? Our personal life outside of work concerns you that much?" Whatever. The overall result of that being that we no longer have to be discreet about it (we kept it to ourselves before because Xavier is cash out lead and therefor a higher position than I am). So, that's nice.

In other news, jobs are open at the hotel! I think I'll apply for concierge, since I have no "hotel front desk" experience (and a preferred candidate would speak Spanish fluently guh). Though I suppose it wouldn't hurt to apply for that anyway. I'll have my mom help me spruce up my resume tomorrow and get that turned in.

When August rolls around, I'll be moving out to Chicago with Tiffany! We'll be there until mid December. I'm so very excited about this. (hah look Lego Discovery Center in Chicago is hiring right now!) She's going to attend the sister school to her current university for one term.

Ugh my chin itchesssss I itch all over I hate this rash asldfkj rolls around and dies

With Motorcity over, the fandom has come up with two new ideas to keep the fans active: Motorcomic and Motorjam. The Jam I am quite nervous about because it's a very intense weekend of creating a game. I'll be writing for one (hopefully!). It's going to be February 8th-10th. I'm hoping that they'll announce our teams before so I can at least get a head start on plotting in case I have to work those days? I won't know for another two weeks if I will or not. Ugh.

Motorcomic, on the other hand, is going to be VERY exciting! Things are finally start to kick into gear. We're allowed to pick up two prompts, and so I've claimed a couple of fun ones ;) I had to drop two I wanted to do (one I might not pick up again, the second I likely will). The first one I've got is focused on the relationship between Kane and Mike, and how Julie viewed it (being Kane's daughter and all). Already got some good plotting done with my cowriter :) the second prompt is that someone pops up claiming to be Mike's father. I started to get ideas this morning, but I am going to be the only writer for that one it looks like. Though I will likely be turning to Wrexie and Rutella for assistance. If... Wrexie actually confirms. She's been on skype, just not on the forums... Hm. I just want to get STARTED ALREADY!

I should type up my stuff for the Mike's father prompt and share it. Yeaaaah.

Whelp i'm going to go wash my face and head to bed. i need to get my oil changed tomorrow. I should also really get back to cleaning my room...


PS2 I need to think of a tag for whenever I talk about me and Xavier because, you know, I tag almost every other aspect of my life. Whoops.
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I'm super exhausted and a bit hungry but it is late. I haven't eaten a proper meal all day, just sort of snacked. But that's okay. Here's a quick update instead!

- Walpurgisnact, Beltane, and the day after were all very nice. I didn't burn the papers like I planned, nor did I go to the beach, but I had a very lovely stay at home day and enjoyed my first few days without worrying about tutoring.

- Devoured Insurgent. No joke. Too many feelings and no where to vent them. Dianne will be reading it soon, though.

- CLEANED MY ROOM OH MY GOD. I had laundry out from back when I saw Hunger Games it has been THAT LONG. Desk is still a hopeless mess though, there is no fixing that.

- Need to crank out the second half for Zero. I got two claims for it!! AND SOMEONE WANTS TO DO A PODFIC FOR IT (/foams at the mouth excitedly). Someone also wants to do art even though they don't know the P4 fandom. I AM SO HONORED.

- Tiffany came over yesterday and we had drinks and pretended to write and watched Princess and the Frog. It was good. Then she convinced me to see the Avengers with her.

- I had many Tom Hiddleston feels. They mostly involved me going "He would make a perfect Johannes Cabal oh god why--". I had many other feels over how incredibly good looking the cast is (mmmmm tight pants galore) and how wonderful Joss Whedon is. Also very nearly burst out laughing when the movie just started and Loki was on screen and Tiffany's dad leans over and says "I just paid for your lunch! Don't you feel stupid now!!"

- Got my tickets for my flight to Ireland! Oh god you guys it's coming so quickly I don't know what to do I am so nervous and excited. I depart from San Diego on June 1st at 9:25, then arrive in Dublin at 8AM on June 2nd (got a 3 hour layover in Chicago). Then have trip times. Then we arrive back in Dublin on June 9th. I stay in a hotel overnight and depart from Dublin on June 10th at 10 AM, arriving back in San Diego at 7PM on June 10th (after a 7-hour layover ohgod). But this means I get a whole day to play in Dublin! AHHHH I AM SO EXCITED!

Okay anyway going to bed because I am so super exhausted and my stomach is going "bleh" from lack of food and I don't want to make tea and yeah. Tired but happy.
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Okay so. I've been meaning to make a post (AN ACTUAL POST) for days now. Today's post will be in a rambly paragraph format, so read at your own peril. It will mostly consist of the remains of my anger, as well as talking about plans for next week.

So, first, to get it all out of the way: MY ANGER. At this tutoring company. Wednesday saw a 10-minute rant session to my dad, and yesterday had a 20-minute rant session to my parents. It also involved me nearly screaming my head off in public and crying in my car. On one hand, I am SO TOTALLY GLAD that April is over. Like, I could seriously cry in relief with it being over. But the company decided to inform me yesterday that they didn't accept the SLP I made for Andrea (submitted on the 11th), though they never told me why (or what I should do with the paperwork), just that any hours I completed with her will not be counted (I had around 8). They also decided to inform me yesterday that I never turned in an SLP for one of my students (I turned it in on the 20th, though admittedly it wasn't the signed version, though they just said I never turned one in period), and so I will not be able to tutor her (I've completed around 5 hours with her).

Keep in mind they sent me these emails at 3:30 on a Friday. And my last day of tutoring is Monday.

I sent replies to both emails (the first one saying "Why was it not accepted and why was I not informed of this sooner?" and the second one saying "I turned it in, and I would offer to forward it to you but I guess it would be too late seeing as my last day of tutoring is on Monday"). Of course, I won't get any responses until after Monday. If I do, I will likely promptly delete them without reading them. Because really.

Any rate, I still never found out about if I will owe them the $27 per uncompleted hour. They called me after I finished Lupe and said I would have to, and if I had any questions, I could call their payment and invoicing department. Which would be useless because if I called them yesterday then they wouldn't return my call until, what, next Thursday? Probably a month from now, knowing them.

After talking to mom about it, she announces that it is likely a scam and that they never really planned on giving the kids laptops for "completing 15.25 hours of tutoring"; that when David's previous tutor neglected to file the paperwork correctly, it wasn't the previous tutor's fault it was the company making it look that way. And that if they hire any more tutors on for the remainder of the year, that it will now proceed to look like I have been at fault for missing hours and incomplete paperwork etc.

I had to tell Andrea and Emily (and David's mom) that the company is being a jerk and screwing with all of us. I have pretty much completed all my tutoring. My official tutoring. I promised Andrea that I would let her take the post-test so she can see how much she has improved. I'm going to print it out like a worksheet and have her take it that way, and then we'll just review it together or something.


Tomorrow after work I am making copies of all the paperwork that I have completed--so that I'll have digital copies and then the "official" ones all shoved into the envelope to be mailed off on Monday morning. I am going to take all the copies (or maybe the originals and mail in copies, just to make it more satisfying) on Tuesday and use them in my Beltane ritual: BURNING THEM.

At this point, I have become so exhausted and have had no time really to relax and not stress about anything. Not to say that will all be over at the end of the month, because I am really panicking about these big bangs and I'm honestly considering dropping as an author for FBB, but after this tutoring I will officially have "me" time.

Monday is my chance to unwind. Monday is Walpurgisnacht, or May's eve. After tutoring, I'm going to B&N with Dan and Erika after not having seen them for a month or so, then I'm coming home to have a drink and do some readings with Aurora and Agrippa.

Tuesday is my chance to cleanse. It is Beltane, May 1st. I have the day off, so I am going to clean my bathroom (or at least my bathtub) I don't know when Insurgent will arrive, but I am hoping early in the day! I am going to be dressing in reds and golds/yellows, the color of Amity (from Divergent series) and even close to the colors for Beltane (yellow, green, and pink). I'm going to the beach to read and cleanse my crystals and decks. Then I'm going to bring some sea water home with me, and set up candles around my bathtub and mix the sea water in the bathtub with a little bit of tap water, then proceed to burn all the paper work. Beltane is a celebration of fire, and it is believed that jumping over a bonfire or even a candlestick will help cleanse you. While I can't exactly jump over flames easily in my setting, burning the source of my stress from the past month will be a wonderful release (and it will be into a bathtub filled with my element, water).

So yes, looking forward to that.

I've finished plotting Zero for the most part, and all I need to do is power-through and finish writing it. I found a beta, which is wonderful, and she loves it so far. I'll type up my outline and then send it in with the rough draft on Sunday or Monday. But I honestly don't have the time or the energy to work on FBB. Which, while sad because I do love that story, I would not be able to make it. Not if I also want to do a decent job of editing wayfarer on top of writing Zero. Of course, I'll still be doing art/mixes for it, so. We always need more artists compared to writers. Maybe I'll save it for next round or something.

For those of you who haven't heard, Legend of Korra has been stealing my soul. I need icons. I want to screencap it and then make a pretty picspam but then I see all these pretty graphics on tumblr and I just go "bwuh how does u photoshoop?" (/just like that). But it has been stealing my soul. And I am seriously in love with it and it's potential and I will cry if it only ends up being only the 14 episodes they have planned (they can't call something Book 1 and then not have anything else!!!!!) because there is SO MUCH they can do with the world and 10 more episodes won't cut it FANFICTION!. Chris, Taka and I have created an OC pro-bending team. We are called the Otter Penguins. We're going to dress up and do a photoshoot in the summer. It will be awesome.

Speaking of cosplay, on top of suddenly deciding to do the Otter Penguins (I bought a black wig for my character! I can't wait to get it and style it!), I've decided to add FFX!Rikku to my cosplay list! Oh my god! I've been wanting to do her forever. Now I will! My friend Jessa is actually doing an FFX group (Yuna, Tidus, Wakka, and Lulu) and so I am very excited because I will have people! And they're all amazing cosplayers so I have my work cut out for me. I also asked if she could bring her Roxas so we can take pictures as Roxas and Namine and she said okay *A* (and her Tidus is also her Sora and so that might happen as well and EEEE). Sorry I'm just filled with excited feels because Kat was my cosplay buddy and she's gone ;a; (/makes grabby hands). We're having a trip to the Fashion District in May. It will be grand.

Okay whelp I should go I've got work for six hours tomorrow. But then I am getting stuff to prepare for Beltane and then copying paperwork and doing laundry. And maybe editing.

The only thing I will be sad about no longer tutoring is not having that netbook.

PS: Artemis you damn phone what are you doing what is wrong with you ugh I think I will turn you off and use something else for an alarm just in case.
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+ Wasn't able to resolve technical issues. Have to reschedule tutoring. Can't do it on Monday because I forgot I get off work at 6 because North Gate. I still can't stop stressing out about tutoring, but it is mostly because I have super long hours at Legoland and so it is impossible to contact the families and set up tutoring sessions at reasonable hours. And it is hard to get a hold of this company. Blah.

+ Never figured out what the second laptop is for. Fedex didn't leave it behind even though I signed and told them to leave it behind the gate. Oh well.

+ Got a bonus at work! Hello extra $170. I like you. Still need to figure out when to make it over to NFCU. Got to deposit like, $400 or so into savings, use about $40 to go towards credit card paying off, and yeah. That sounds good.

+ Mom is threatening to take my car keys and drop me from the auto insurance if I don't get my own by the end of the month. So I need to get on that. Only I don't have time to get on it. I'll try on Tuesday. I get off work at 2:30 on Tuesday though I should schedule for tutoring then ugh

+ Started writing -0-! I'm going to force out a bit more before going to bed since I ended up getting distracted on the internet. I am getting some more plot things down. I will go add them to my plot post some time later. I need to figure out when that rough draft is due. Soon. Too soon. May 1st. That's actually not too bad. Okay. I need to write down all my BB deadlines in my planner haha

+ As I glossed over, long hours at work all next week. As in 44 hours total. I get Friday off, but that's so far away and not nearly long enough ugh but if I can just get Wednesday rescheduled then I will feel better. And if my request for getting off at 3 until 4/30 gets approved. Then I will breathe a whole lot easier about, well, everything. Next Sunday, though, Ryan and I are training four people for turnstiles. It's uh. Going to be interesting. And freaking long. But always color me happy to work with him.

+ What else?

+ There was something else but I don't remember.

+ I'm still not recovered from Thursday/yesterday so I'm going to write this last bit and then go to bed. I start work at 10:30 tomorrow so I can afford to sleep a bit longer.

+ And here it is, your 6-word story based on -0-:

He's tired of following the Fool.
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Alright so apologies for that last post. I was just really upset and kind of a mess and needed to vent. So you guys get my venting instead of the boyfriend I do not have. Hoorah!

Mom came home shortly after I made that post and I had managed to mostly sober up but I sounded like I either had a stuffy nose or that I had been crying. She was actually really cool about it and was really helpful and supportive of me. She thinks the largest reason for my freakout was just running on 3 hours of sleep and a last two days. And, admittedly, I am doing all of this rather last minute, but it is not my fault they hire me on the 15th of March and expect me to have everything finished by the 30th of April (this really does not give me enough time).

Ended up having technical difficulties regarding getting the pretest to load so I had to call my student and tell her I couldn't make it and that we'll arrange for the first session when she gets back from vacation. I need to hope that everything fixes itself soon or I'll have to call my student for tomorrow to reschedule and possibly on Monday as well (though hopefully not).

Hunger Games last night was super amazing and the acting was just superb. I think all of the casting was perfect. I'll make a post about it later with pictures (I've only got two of myself really). We met this girl in line that was cosplaying Castiel for whatever reason but we weren't about to question it. She became our new best friend. We also met this other guy that was also a fan of Supernatural. We were almost interviewed by the news but timing was bad and then we couldn't find her after but that's okay. We had a lot of fun and it was amazing but now I am so freaking exhausted and I have work in the morning.

I don't have a day off until Friday. But I have to tell myself that my next paycheck, between tutoring and Legoland, is going to be one pretty penny. I don't have any time to make it out to NFCU but I really need to eventually so I can deposit some money into my savings. I have more than enough wiggle room between this recent paycheck and my tax returns.

Emailed Marc Gunn to figure out what was going on with the Ireland deposit since it hadn't been taken out of my account. He said he received the check but has to mail everything to his out of state bank, but he sent it off the day I had emailed him. So as long as the check made it to him safely, then that is fine. My mom has become more accepting of the fact that I'm going to Ireland hahaha I joke about how I plan on taking dad's kindle with me and she said that maybe they'll just get me one of my own for my birthday! That would be quite groovy, though a bit late for Ireland haha

Oh crap I start work at 9 not 9:30. Need to change when my alarm goes off then.

Trained Megan at ticket booth on Wednesday, then trained Christina and Joy today. It was really nice and I've been with Megan and Christina since they trained at turns so it's great that they can keep coming to me if they have any questions or concerns. That was part of the thing I had talked about when applying for OJT: we're the first line of questioning when it comes to the new hires. They ask us before guest service people, before the leads, even before people working at the ticket booths. We're a really laid back group of trainers. So I think we are more approachable. I was with Elizabeth when Ryan was training her, and I joke about watching out for her since I trained her at turns. Like "You better be doing a good job training her, Ryan! I am watching you!!!!"

Getting quite excited for AX even though I'm not cosplaying. Have the first training meeting in April, so Ryan and I are driving up again. I wonder how that will turn out. Last time was. Hm. Interesting hahaha ugh sometimes I am really hopeless when it comes to him

Well it is 10 and I am exhausted and I have to get up at 7 tomorrow. One day I will keep writing, and one day I will post about Hunger Games (it will be a spoiler-filled review, just a warning). But for now, a six-word story (I forgot to do one my last (actual) post!) based on my P4 fic because I need to start writing that:

Another self, born out of madness.

good night all!
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Which would actually make a wonderful 6-word story but no. It's kind of how I'm feeling right now. Despite... having taken a 3-hour name today. So I guess "rest" would be more appropriate but still.

GUESS WHO CALLED ME TODAY. AGAIN. IF YOU GUESSED THAT TUTORING COMPANY YOU ARE RIGHT. My phone went off when I was in the ticket booth and so I checked it when I was at break and then after listening to the first bit of the voice mail (and immediately deleting it) I started nearly-shouting at my phone in frustration. I'm sorry Artemis (my phone). It isn't your fault. Blaragh. And then yesterday I got my student list (six students! ohgod!) and then an email from one other guy that works there and said "Dear Spencer Daly, these two students are in need of more hours--" and I replied going "Uh, I'm not Spencer Daly and neither of those two are my students." I have no idea if they got my direct deposit paperwork because the fax wasn't working and Javier never got back to me and two of the emails they sent me had grammatical errors in it that really frustrate me and--$17/hr $17/hr $17/hr... (/my new mantra)

At any rate, I really need to read over this paperwork and then call the families to set up the meetings. One of the girls already got her test taken so I don't have to worry about that (though I can hardly read the results because their scanner really stinks). I also need to tell Legoland that I'll need certain days off before 3 o'clock so I can do my tutoring on those days. I'll wait to talk to the families first. Which I'll plan on doing tomorrow while in line for the movie. They have a script for us to say in case the parents only speak Spanish. Oh my god I pronounce some of the words so French-like. It's going to be awful if I have to read that.

Um what else.

This weekend was very lovely going up to Burbank to see [personal profile] kit_kit and [personal profile] maraudersara. We got nothing done writing-wise when we were together but we had a very fun conversation about what it will be like when we're famous authors and how Sara and I will read fic for each other's fandoms and then send over the good ones and Kit was just terrified at the idea and we talked about shipping possibilities ("BUT THEY'RE SIBLINGS--" "THAT NEVER STOPPED ANYONE!" "sobs"). Then I met Cas (Kit's runes) and Agrippa was being a stubborn butt the entire time and I've learned that he's a wee bit tsundere, but he warmed up to her eventually (he loves me and he likes Aurora and that is it). Bought two books of short stories -- one of retold fairy tales and one of ghost stories. One day I will get around to reading all these books.

I was going to leave at around 3:30 but then traffic was horrid and so I turned right back around and went "Kit is it okay if I stay a bit longer...?" and so yay more time with her. She helped me figure out a LOT of things for -0- and we played some escape games (as research, I swear) and it was all good. But then I really did have to go home. I DID get some writing done on Monday morning, though! That doesn't change the fact that I am now a week behind in my writing schedule. Whatever.

My "I'll Bake You Pies" shirt arrived! I love it and I am so excited with it. Also, I got my Songs from District 12 and Beyond CD yesterday! af;sdfklj I've been listening to it on repeat and I love it and tomorrow is Hunger Games and I am so excited and sometimes I'll just stop and think about it and then bounce around and scream in glee. I don't think I've ever been this excited for a movie. Not even for Harry Potter. I think that because I already knew what to expect for HP when it comes to movies by the time I started going to midnight showings. For HG, it's going to be completely new and they have managed to keep a lot under wraps, especially when it comes to the Tributes and anything in the arena. ALL MY FEELINGS, THEY ARE EXPLODING.

As it is now the 21st, I can officially say I did not get accepted to Clarion. Which is fine! Saves me $5k and I don't have to worry about what to do in regards to AX. Note to self: just send it in earlier next time. That might help than sending it in 10 days before the deadline LOL so I'm going to post the stories online... somewhere. Probably here, my writing LJ, and on Figment. Maybe if I make the writersofyore tumblr, then it will go there as well. I know [ profile] souppy wants me to make it into one. What do my fellow writers of yore think of this? We can post short stories and snippets and... things on there.


Yesterday was a very lovely first day of spring. I went to the beach and gathered a lot of stones, at least enough to finish two sets of runes and possibly a third, and starts for two more. Finished the last two chapters of Zombie Loan (ALF SDFLKJ ALL MY FEELINGS), a chapter of Sleepy Residents of Birdcage Manor, and a chapter of 07-Ghost! (it's all out of order so I didn't read 78 before 79 and I have to wait for 80 before reading 81). Then I made hot cross buns but my dough didn't rise and it was either because I used old yeast or because I did the steps out of order. Or both. But I just went with it and baked them up sort of like cookies. They got a wee bit burnt on the bottom but that is okay. They're delicious nonetheless!

I want to write. But I have no time. Which is ridiculous to say after I took a 3-hour nap and spent an hour watching Eddie Izzard on Netflix. Time management--what is that? I'll bring my netbook with me tomorrow and try to get in a few hours of writing while in line. Between... calling people for tutoring between 6-8:30 and doing makeup and just. D'arvit. That is all.

PS This is my favorite song on the soundtrack ohmygod
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Ohgod me again. I know right? Once I get back into the groove of this thing it is going to be hard to stop me. THREE POSTS IN ONE DAY. BRING IT.

Okay actually for this one I am going to work on a plot thing for my [community profile] casestory fanfic, much like my post for my [community profile] fantasybigbang story. Only this one is going to be going as fast as I can because there are no plugs out here and I want to get as much done before I have to resort to scribbling in a notebook for things. Please feel free to put in your two cents, especially if you have played P4. Also: There will be spoilers!

Plot behind the cut )

Updated: 5/2/12
Outline! )
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So while I wait for this episode of P4 to finish downloading, I will make a post! It is leap day and everyone is abuzz with, well, lots of things! #HungerGames24, the new Avengers trailer, it being leap day, and things like that. Meanwhile, I'm all a-jitter because I plan on finishing my novel today! More on that later.

Sunday was... really fun actually haha We stole signs back from Volunteer department who thought they could just keep them. Everything is actually really nicely packaged back up from last AX and that is very comforting. Amy is doing a wonderful job of keeping everything in control. Then Ryan said he didn't want to go back right away so he ended up treating me to a game of lazar tag (omg there were so many kids because there was a birthday party and CRAP THEY JUST CORNER YOU AND BOMBARD YOU).

Tomorrow is the final day for me to send in the rest of my money for my Ireland trip but I don't know what address to send it to and if I send it via pay pal then it's an extra $100 though there is a chance I can get that back I just don't know because he hasn't replied to either my emails or my tweets UGH FREAKING OUT so I guess I'll just pay it via pay pal and either suck it up with the extra $100 or... something. But you guys I am so excited and I've been looking up pictures of where we get to go and where we're staying and hgansdflk;j First off, we're staying at St George Cottage next to Ross Castle. We're going to visit the cliffs of Moher AKA THE CLIFFS OF INSANITY. And the Kylemore Abbey in Connemara. We'll also be visiting the Arran islands and some other trips. I told my dad that I'll be stealing either his or mom's kindle and loading books onto there for my flights hahaha

I'm downloading last week's P4 episode. I planned on converting it to stick it onto my iphone so I can watch it at the gym but it's taking forever! I might just get to writing a bit as this keeps downloading ugh

And brb gotta grab my power cord.

Lionsgate is doing something for Hunger Games starting today, hence the #HungerGames24 (BECAUSE IT IS ONLY 24 MORE DAYS (screaming.gif) Ah, it looks like it's just a chance to see an advanced screening. That's not exciting (well, I suppose it is, but yeah nothing really fun). At any rate, I am so so so soooooo excited for Hunger Games! Like, you have no idea. I pre-ordered the limited edition version of the Songs from District Twelve and Beyond album, I've got my tickets pre-ordered, and Tiffany, Kelsey, Erika and I are going to be dressing up! (Erika's just doing "tribute" style, but Tiffany and Kelsey and myself are going ~all out Capitol~ fashion!) I got my first two HG books back from Luke so I plan on rereading the first one.... sometime soon.

I am SO SO SO CLOSE TO FINISHING MY NOVEL! Aka Wayfarer from this past NaNoWriMo. It's going to be at about 80k which is 15k more than I originally planned and it's totally exciting. I've got about 5-7k left, which is actually a lot to do in one day when I am starting kind of behind schedule for everything else. After I finish this post I will do a sprint depending on where my download is currently (says about another 15 minutes ugh). Then I will go to the gym for about an hour, then come home and do laundry and get to writing. I've got my write-in tonight and I would love to be finished before then because I never get anything finished at our Wednesday write-ins, but if I bring my good headphones and tell Dan and Erika I will hurt whoever interrupts me during my sprints, then maybe I'll get at least 3 sprints in. Here's to hoping!

But I would like to finish it today because I want to spend the next three days doing art for an exchange on DA that I signed up for. I need to have that in the mail by around the 3rd. That's also something I can work on tonight while at the write in, if I bring my sketchbook. I've got an idea of what I want to do, it's just a matter of getting them all... finished and printed haha Then I've also got FBB and Crimestory to write. By June/July or somesuch. I don't want to do Script Frenzy this year but I dunno we'll see how March goes. But I kind of need to decide soon in case no one else signs up to be ML? I know Jim recommended me, but that's because he knows me out of all of San Diego county. It's not just North Country like NaNo is. Blaragh.

Oh, Marc just got back to me about the payment. Awesome I can send the check in the mail today and it will be okay. I think that is all for this post for now! I am going to go get that stuff all squared away and then get ready for the gym. Talk to you later lovelies!
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Oh my gosh you guys I'm actually kind of nervous about this! I have found a lot of communities to spam this to, though, as well as preparing to spam it across tumblr so hopefully I'll be able to sell at least SOME of this stuff!

Easy Access links!
- Manga
- Doujin + Swag

So before I get to the pictures, here is some basic information regarding the things that I'll be selling.
- One Volume = $5
- Two Volumes = $7
- Three Volumes = $10
- Four Volumes = $12
- Five Volumes = $15
- Anything above that, we'll figure out something!

I will try to ship everything as "media mail" which means it will be $3.00 (but if it's not possible, then I'll just foot the difference) :)

I accept paypal, though if you don't like paypal and use some other method I'll look it out and see if that will work. Basically, we can work it out. I'll give you my paypal address when we settle on a final price.

- Objects won't be shipped until payment is received.
- If you need to back out, for all or part of a transaction, please let me know before you send payment.
- That being said, while I'd prefer not to bother with refunds and returns, they are possible!
- If payment is not received within a week, then the item will be open again. So basically, if you want the item, make sure to pay within the week! If you can't make it in a week, let me know and I'll hold it for longer. I'll also be sure to leave a comment if it's nearing the end and I haven't heard from you.

I'm looking for the following:
- Basara 14+ (English)
- 07-Ghost 3+ (English or Japanese)
- Switch 7,8, 10+ (English or Japanese)
- Fake 1-4 (English preferable)
- Dengeki Daisy 2-4, 6+ (English or Japanese)
- Million Tears 2 (English preferable)

If you have any of these and are willing to get rid of them in exchange for something that I have, I'll totally take that! Volume per Volume would work best, though as far as the "extra goodies" go, it's something that can be worked out. We just have to pay for our own shipping.

So let's get on to the manga!!
Manga under the cut! )

Now, here is stuff where I will change the pricing around! It's the "doujin and swag" section. Details will be listed under each picture, and specific prices will be listed alongside it.

Doujin + Swag! )

If you have any questions at all, feel free to reply here or send me a PM! I'm more than willing to work out things with you if you don't want to pay the prices that I listed; they've been sitting in boxes in our garage since we moved, and even before that they just sat on my bookshelf while I was at college. I hope they can find some homes!
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So when I say "upcoming post" I actually mean it this time! (I don't think I will ever get you those pictures. I hope no one is terribly upset?) I've been meaning to make a "sales post" for all my manga that I need to get rid of (and I have a lot of it). I'll also be putting some of my Doujin up there. I've decided that, instead of just strict buy/sell, I'll also be open to the idea of "trading" things! I'll be posting it here on DW/LJ, and then cross-posting to Tumblr and probably even my facebook.

For those of you who have done sales posts before, what are some good prices you've found for manga and doujin? My manga are all in pretty perfect condition, though I don't think that matters really. I was considering compiling things like $5 for 1 volume, $7 for 2, and $10 for 3, or $7/$10/$12, and then having anything above 5 volumes be a negotiable price. Shipping around $3 or $5 or $10, depending on how many they're buying. Any suggestions?

I'll have a more update-y post later this week, but tomorrow is Mitsuwa trip with Tiffany (we didn't go last week because I was feeling sick), Thursday is a job interview, Saturday is possibly work (I hope it all works out with Rene and shifting my shift from Thursday ugh), and then Lady in Black with Kelsey and Tiffany, and Sunday is Dapper Day at Disneyland! So excited!


Back to writing, though. I decided to scrap "Chronophage" and so I'm editing/beefing up "Fire in their Eyes" (retitled to something like "Flames" I'm not too sure yet). I've figured out some things for it. Like Liam is innocent and he was casual fuck-buddies with Roderick harharhar

Even though I have 14 icons uploaded, one day I will go and fix up my profile and interests and custom mood theme and everything. Hm.

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