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May. 18th, 2013 09:34 pm
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it's been forever since I've posted here but I just have something I feel like getting off my chest because it's really been bothering me for awhile and I don't think I'll be able to move on with writing until I do.

insert rambling here )
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Went to the dermatologist today and GOOD NEWS IS, I'M NOT DYING FROM THIS RASH (okay no, that was never actually a consideration, but...) It had just spread so quickly that it was really disconcerting. Turns out it's just pityriasis rosea, and it might have been caused by a virus (like a cold virus), and then turned into a rash. It's not contagious nor dangerous, so it's just going to run its course for six-eight weeks. It's already starting to fade a bit on my neck/left arm. So, that's good!

Had date times with Xavier yesterday, and we went to a park with Kailan to take her on a walk. Then we came back and finished watching Tron: Uprising (ugh it's so good you guys). Also, our six months is the day after Valentine's lolol

Speaking of Kailan, dad bought new food for her and I don't think she likes it very much. Well, I mean, she eats it, but her stomach was making funny noises and now she's gassy. At least it hasn't gotten any worse than that. But I kicked her outside because hodamn those were some smelly farts, and now she won't stop barking. She's been at it for at least an hour.

Also, Molly has been forgetting how fat she is. It's kind of sad and adorable at the same time.

Sent resume and sample cover letter to mom, and she's going to look them over and spruce them up so I can apply to the concierge position for the hotel. Wish me luck with that the job has been posted for nearly 10 days ughhh

I'm in a rather weird mood at the moment. The internet is being slow and boring, and I really should be writing but I've ran out of steam to try and push through this block on Mwyr. I've decided I'll dedicate myself to finishing it in February, like I did with Wayfarer, but right now, getting this scene in 18 moving is really hindering me. And it's the start of a very important scene so I need to get through it! All the same, I'm going to go make Unbirthday tea and reread Pools of Radiance (because it's my favorite).

PS I uploaded all my important docs onto my Google Drive! Now they're backed up on the cloud and I can get them on my chromebook. In doing so, I got the urge to try and work more on SD, seeing as it was going to be written in the style of a cellphone novel. Hm.

Posty post!

Apr. 8th, 2012 08:46 am
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Right then I am waiting for my nails to dry since I FINALLY painted them! They look a little sloppy but who cares. They're a pale pink! I want to go over them with silver glitter but I don't know if I'll have time today so I might just wait until I get home from work.

D'arvit I just messed this finger up royally. Uh. Whoops. Okay fixed it now I just have to be very careful.

What now.

Behind on writing but I think that if I just manage to set aside time for myself I will get it done no problem. That's the problem tho, setting side time for myself. On average I get home around 5 or 6, so I should just set 6:30 as my "I'm writing for the next hour do not disturb" and go upstairs to write. Only my desk is a mess so I would have to clean that off before I do that. But I want to get as much done for -Zero- as I can before the May 1st rough draft deadline. Because then I need to work on the FBB story, and do edits on Wayfarer before the end of June. Bah.

As per Soups' request I am going to make a Writers of Yore tumblr for Sara, Kit and myself. Or I suppose anyone who wants to join really? I don't know how it's going to work yet. But we'll see. I also decided to convert my old Mera Werner tumblr that I used for Panem October to be turned into my sewing blog (because my character was the daughter of a merchant in D12 and they sold ribbons and cloth and stuff like that, so the name of it is "band-warin" meaning something like "ribbon guardian"). Then after April I will start using it more since I will be able to go back to sewing!

As I am skipping on Script Frenzy, I think I am going to participate in June's Camp NaNo. Unofficially, of course. I'll miss the first ten days and that will put me really behind, and on top of everything else there is no way I'll actually manage to finish 50k in that month (July would have been better haha). But I've been listening to a lot of Explosions in the Sky and they have always reminded me of the Knights from Deus and so I want to work on Deus. It won't be quite "Deus Light" aka just the knights because I do love Aislin and Evan and Mei and Aleks and Papa!Colbert and Mitch and everyone. Though I don't know how accurate I'll be able to do most of the Egyptians. I might just leave in Owen, Mable, Mitch, and maybe York? But I need Mitch to work with Aleks and you can't ignore Owen and Mable. I suppose that means I'll have to throw in whoever it was that was Set's wife. Oh, and Davie. Can't forget Davie. And Brianna and Bree because I'll have Aislin. And then all the knights. I should technically ask everyone if I can use them? I don't know. I'll ask Cara because I'll want her help with the Egyptians and I dunno. Doing it for the heck of it but I really love the characters and so I don't want to not write them even though they're not all mine. But it will be great.

And then I have to remember what I was going to do for actual NaNo. I've only had one good idea for a story lately but I have since forgotten it since it was based off a dream. I could technically finish WonderHearts...? Since for August's Camp NaNo I am finishing my story from last year. It can be the year of finishing novels! Hm. I don't remember.... I thought I had an idea sobs

Okay well I have to go finish getting ready for work and get breakfast. Erika and I might go see Hunger Games later today lolol what a way to celebrate fertility and rebirth, right? LOL

PS this is my least favorite song on the HG soundtrack :/
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I've been so exhausted lately I don't know why. It's not just time time change, which certainly does lend to it. But the last four days or so I've taken 2+ hour naps. I normally get overheated during them so I wake up super groggy. I didn't have my fan on last night so I got really hot and when I get overheated when I'm sleeping, then I have weird dreams and they were all very weird and I only remember one of them but it was crazy.

Tomorrow is North Gate and I'm looking forward to that because it will be a relaxing change in pace from training and window. Bringing Artemis Fowl and I think Nightworld. Just because.

At any rate, there hasn't been much going on, either irl or on the internet so I just wanted to come here and go "blah so many naps" and then wander off. I have to write for today, still. And update the table for yesterday.

Six-word story:
She was lost, he found her.
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I've been so exhausted after finishing Wayfarer last week (OH THAT'S RIGHT. I NEVER MENTIONED IT ON HERE. I FINISHED MY NOVEL! THE FIRST ONE IN NEARLY NINE YEARS! GOODNESS GRACIOUS!) It's sort of like I never got my sleep cycle restored. Yesterday's almost-nine-hour shift didn't help any.

Let's see...

Yesterday was crazy crazy crazy hectic and crazy at work. One thing after another, that ended up with me at turns for almost nine hours. And running around between Guest Service window and AP to help Kyle and getting there early to train someone only to find out he wasn't coming for training that day and we were not informed. And then I went out to dinner with Meredith! It's nice now that she's not living in Utah. But she and Gavin have a place down in Point Loma with two cats and six guitars (and a ukulele). But we went to Vinaka and had delicious food and the weather yesterday was PERFECT and I really want it to start staying warmer out longer so we can start having bonfires again!

Going to eventually make a schedule for writing, what with [community profile] fantasybigbang and [community profile] casestory and possibly script frenzy looming on the horizon. Which is pretty much going to alternate between stories every week and writing 1500 a day, and then 3 pages of script during April. It's going to be intense, but keeping me busy! Maybe.

I got a call for an... interview of sorts with a tutoring company. Which is awesome. The "orientation" meeting is on the 15th so I called work and asked if I could get off before 2 that day so I would have time to change and get over there. It's good money and flexible hours that would fit in around Legoland. And getting me a one-up on teaching experience! Here's to hoping.

Starting reading Dandelion Fire finally the other night. I read 230 pages today! Whew. But I really do love it. Then after that it's going to be rereading Hunger Games and then Artemis Fowl and The Arctic Incident before the end of the month.

Of course, what I should be doing is photomanips. I signed up for a big anonymous art exchange on DA but they were supposed to be mailed out on Saturday. Whoops. It'll be okay if I'm a bit late, right? I'm always late with these things. I should fit "finishing those letters for people that were owed since Christmas" into my schedule, huh? I just really don't feel like doing all that cutting out of things/people. That's the hardest part.

Anywizzle, I'm going to go reply to another email, play a few games of solitaire and then go back to reading. I haven't been up for working on the computer much recently.

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