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Title: -0-
Fandom: Persona 4
Written for: [community profile] casestory
Rating: Light PG-13 for swearing and head-trips

Prompt: Here

Link to Podfic Masterpost: Here!
Link to Art: (will be updated when I get it)

Part 2: (will be updated when story is completed)

(warning: WALL O' TEXT! Might break it down further at some point but for now, deal).

Zero, Part 1 )
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Author: [personal profile] lady_mab
Podficcer: [ profile] heavenly_rain
Artist: [ profile] theadaze
Beta reader: [ profile] shroomko

Title: -0-
Fandom: Persona 4
Written for: [community profile] casestory
Rating: Light PG-13 for swearing and head-trips

Prompt: Here

Trapped in locked rooms in an remote warehouse, nine people have to race against the clock in order to unravel the labyrinth filled with strange puzzles. Along the way they are faced with the threat of demons and text messages from someone calling himself "Zero". Each person has a code name based on a tarot cart, but what happens when two with the name Fool appear? Which one is to be trusted: the bumbling stranger with a disarming smile, or the level-headed young man with a mysterious air? And who is this "Mother" that leaves loving messages promising their deaths? When faced with life or death, the human condition shows it's true face. It's up to these nine strangers to learn to either trust each other or die trying.

Link to Podfic Masterpost: Here!
Link to Art: (will be updated when I get it)

Part 1: Here
Part 2: (will be updated when story is completed)

LJ Mirror: (will be updated when I post it there)
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He pulled out the container of grass and turned it around in his hands. “For all we know, there could be something on the bottom under all the dirt.” He stepped towards the sink, preparing to dump all the dirt and plant into it.

Teddie scrambled forward, grabbing onto the Emperor's elbow before anything could happen. “Wait!”

It was obvious that the Emperor was doing his best to keep his temper in check. “What?”

“You have to eat it!”

The pause came again, long and tense, before a choked “What?” was finally drawn from the Emperor's lips.

“To reach the secret special message at the bottom of the container, you must eat everything that stands in your path! I saw it in a movie once.” The boy clenched his hand before him, feeling the sudden heat of excitement and a true quest rise up within him “The old man with the weird hand had to drink all the icky water. And no matter how much he cried, the hero would not let him give up!” He slapped a hand to the Emperor's shoulders, his eyes now alight with this fire. “You must eat the grass.”

Yeah so this just happened.


Apr. 11th, 2012 03:25 pm
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This is for [personal profile] kit_kit and [personal profile] maraudersara.

The Magician was the one to speak up first, though his words were muttered like a passing thought to himself. “Comic sans is the font of serial killers.


Er, sorry. The letter is written in comic sans. I was just thinking that... it’s sort of like... the font of serial killers...” His sentence, which had started out strong, petered out at the end as he lost confidence in what he was explaining.

Now, off to writing some more of -Zero- for about 40 minutes, then off to tutoring. Then off to hanging out with Tiffany, Kelsey, and Kathryn! Eeeee~
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Ohgod me again. I know right? Once I get back into the groove of this thing it is going to be hard to stop me. THREE POSTS IN ONE DAY. BRING IT.

Okay actually for this one I am going to work on a plot thing for my [community profile] casestory fanfic, much like my post for my [community profile] fantasybigbang story. Only this one is going to be going as fast as I can because there are no plugs out here and I want to get as much done before I have to resort to scribbling in a notebook for things. Please feel free to put in your two cents, especially if you have played P4. Also: There will be spoilers!

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Updated: 5/2/12
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