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Wowow I just made two icons and I haven't made icons in FOREVER so they're not the best but I'm still really proud of them? I rather miss making icons! Since I'm going to be getting back into the habit of using DW, expect to see some new icons making appearances! :)

Alright so today marks the start of my impromptu (?!) 4-day vacation because the water park IS NOW CLOSED ON WEEKENDS! Hoorah! Sort of. I don't really know how I feel about this. For those of you not in the know, Xavier took a promotion at work that meant I could not be under his direct supervision. Even though we never created an issue in the past, even though there are plenty of ways OTHER people are bending the rules, I had to be relocated. So up to the water park I went, which was fine and all while it was still the spring/summer season. But now it's over and the water park is only open on weekends and so that SUCKS as far as a paycheck goes.

In reality, I should go and find a new job - preferably one closer to Escondido (where I'm living), preferably one with benefits and better than 11.50/hr pay. But I'm comfortable and I'm lazy and despite the way I feel utterly shafted in this situation, I love the environment that I work in. I applied for the Guest Communications Coordinator position (I worked with them over spring, too, so really I'm a shoe-in for the position, and it's going to be part time with the possibility of turning into full-time when they can expand the department, which would be FLAWLESS), and I applied for the Brick-or-Treat seasonal events position because I think that would be really fun to do.

We'll see how that turns out. I don't work again until Saturday, and then it looks like I'll have a Sunday shift, a short shift on Wednesday, and possibly one next Saturday but not as a lead. I wonder if I'll still be getting lead pay since I Haven't signed an action form to the contrary. Otherwise, it's back to 10.50/hr

In other more exciting news! Because this is all about spending money which is a terrible topic to follow up with after talking about how my hours are being cut? I bought an Alpacasso and it is RAINBOW colored (only because the blue and beige ones are sold out :c) and I'm going to name it Hajime and apparently it's going to ship on Friday? idk why it will take a week to ship but whatever. That means it should be here in a week? I WANT IT NOW but yeah super excited because I've wanted a giant alpacasso FOREVER and it was only $20 because of free shipping and $5 off so THAT'S COOL. So much cheaper than buying it at a con, even though my choices were limited.

AND SPEAKING OF HAJIME, GATCHAMAN CROWDS WAS RELEASED IN THE US TODAY So I went and bought a copy because there is no way I'm waiting until a con while probably not saving anything (it ended up being 44.99 after 10% off which is typical con prices, really). I added a $5 grab bag thing from the website so I could get free shipping. SO EXCITED. The dub doesn't sound fantastic but I'm always just sort of skeptical buT SUGANE. MY PRECIOUS BB SUGANE. MAYBE THIS WILL INSPIRE ME TO FINISH FIC?

The Panic! At the Disco concert last Wednesday WAS AMAZING!!! We got SUPER LOST and that in itself was a MAJOR EXPERIENCE oh my god we ended up driving up this little narrow road where all these people were walking down and then ?!?!? SUDDENLY WE WERE ON A PEDESTRIAN/BIKE PATH AND I WAS JUST IN THE BACK LIKE "I FUCKED UP OH MAN I FUCKED UP SO BAD" and we were all freaking out and poor J probably got really stressed (I'm sorry J for being a bad navigator) and Southie or Lisa kept saying "JUST PRETEND LIKE WE'RE SUPPOSED TO BE HERE HELL YEAH" so we turned around in the middle of the courtyard and drove back down trying not to scream but then we found parking (and we didn't pay? but we didn't get a ticket or get towed so that's okay). We have no idea where everyone else parked. But on the plus side, SDSU is a really pretty campus! We didn't have Yasi with us to be our guide haha but we will for Bastille in November!

What else?

Going to hang out with Xavier tomorrow which WILL BE SO NICE because I haven't seen him for more than like MAYBE 10 minutes at one point over the last two weeks. It's just always really briefly at work before I head up to the water park. Thursday I'm going to hang out with Dianne up in Temecula! The nice thing about having so little days at work is I can go and see more people!

Lockwood 2 comes out in two weeks, The Maze Runner movie comes out shortly after that (after being so excited all summer I CAN'T BELIEVE I FORGOT!!). I'm waiting for my books from SFBC to come so I can start reading The Queen of Tearling for our book club. More on that most likely after I get the book.

For now, I'm going to take a quick shower and then go get my nails done. There is this place by work that does gel nail polish which is stronger than regular nail polish so hopefully it will hold up against all my typing! Also, we are allowed to start wearing COLORED POLISH at work now! So that is super cool and I don't feel guilty about doing it. It's apparently really cheap too. I'll also need to buy milk/creamer because WE WERE ALL OUT and I don't like almond milk so my coffee this morning was a bit sad. But beyond that, today Southie and I are going to liveblog our mundane day over instagram! Feel free to follow me! but she'll be waking up late so there will be time for that later.

PS We might also go buy a bunch of fabric to make jellyfish out of shhhh who knows
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Yeah so I said I would return and so here is my first effort at making this return!

It's going to be a quick post though because I have to shower and get ready to go out so bullet points!

- I still feel really exhausted all the time and my cold has decided to kick in for possibly a third week. It felt like my coughing was a lot worse last night, but it probably had to do with my sister smoking and a lot of talking.
- Despite that, I'm going out with her to see Guardians of the Galaxy (my second time, her first IT IS SUCH A GOOD MOVIE).
- TONIGHT IS PANIC! AT THE DISCO CONCERT HELL YEAH HELL YEAH I'm really excited I'm going to be a wreck tomorrow but who cares
- This is the last week of me being at the water park (well except for weekends) so it will be interesting to see what happens. Apparently there is a position opening up for wardrobe (I should check the job listings just in case), I applied to the seasonal events position for brick or treat, and I can still help out at GCC. So I mean, I have my bases covered, but there are still a lot of things that can happen. Like I could stop being lazy and look for a job closer to the apartment.
- I went out with Eunice the other night (...Monday! I forgot what day of the week it was for a moment). It was super great to see her again. She's moving out to Maryland for work though! Ahhh sad I couldn't spend more time than a last-minute thing but that's okay. I'll go visit her (and Caitlin fufufu) next year!
- Yesterday, Claire and I went to go see Meredith! THAT was super fun. She lives fairly close so it's kind of sad that I haven't made more of an effort to see her, but we've both had very busy schedules. She's moving over to somewhere near Balboa Park in the next month so definitely need to hit her up after that.

Hm anything else? Not that I can think of. I need to ensure that I get some writing done today between going out with Claire and the concert. HOKAY talk to you again soon!
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I failed to mention it on my DW but I mentioned it everywhere else multiple times, but I FINISHED MY FIRST DRAFT (second draft?) OF MWYR! I am so so so completely excited because, as of yesterday, Sarah finished reading it and wrote me 20+ pages of notes and is going to help me do fashion references once I decide on an era. AHHHH I know a lot of my other friends are reading it but I don't know how far along they all are. But it means a lot to me to have all these different people reading it (friends, family, people I don't know that well--thanks to all of you!)

I also finished rereading the first Kali and reading the 2nd Kali and asdflkj mmmmrrrrrrrrrrr my boys. All of them. I'm really proud of Sarah for charging ahead with it, because I think it is her most well-developed story and I will link you all once she puts it up onto Amazon and B&N for an epub book! Please buy it! It's fabulous. I will be buying it.

I've made several FSTs recently, one for Mwyr, and one for Kali 2 being the ones I will pimp at all of you. I listened to the Mwyr one the entire time I worked on the novel through the end of January and into February, and I've been listening to the Kali one all day today.

Tiffany and I have been looking at apartments online and are finding ones we like and making an order to all of them. We are both really excited. One place we found is TOTALLY ADORABLE AND PERFECT and it's right next to the lake and is in a really nice neighborhood and is really affordable. We've got some time to keep looking, but we're hoping to get that one. And we'll get to see Thor 2 and Catching Fire together (actually, the whole me moving out there with her thing started because I wanted to see Catching Fire with her. It escalated quickly.)

It was only yesterday that I came to realize that, after moving out to live in Chicago, I won't want to move back home with my parents. My mom has been telling me in no uncertain terms that they are thinking of renting out the guest house where I stay, which means I would have to move into the smaller room in the house. But, on the whole, I am really tired of living at home. It has it's perks, of course, but I'm turning 25 this year I think it's about time I get on my feet.

So I asked Sarah if her and Ick would be interested in moving in together somewhere (not San Francisco like our original plans with Amy, but somewhere), and she said they were considering doing something similar with their friend Julia from PA. They were looking into San Bernardino, probably close to where my mom had her apartment. But I think it would be a lot of fun. I know a lot of people have said to me "we should live together" but it's only that: Saying it. They're all very comfortable with where they are right now living and so who am I to say "you need to disrupt this so that I can make my way in". Sarah and Ick are in the same position that I am in. So it is perfect.

Camp NaNo starts next week (well, a week and four days?) And it's kind of cool because this year they are allowing you to set your own word count goal! So I'm aiming for 25k because super busy work hours. I'll also be doing world building exercises for Mwyr during that time, whew!

At the same time, there is a new fantasy anthology project that is accepting submissions with the theme of "Rediscovery". Submissions are to be 2k-8k long and I'm thinking of turning "Still Waiting" into a short story, and possibly seeing if I can't get Soup and Ick to help me out with an Adonisville entry. I've already started writing the thing for SW and it will be interesting to see how I will change it.

Gosh I've had this open for hours but nothing has been going down on here very easily

Dianne is about to start reading Mwyr! I am very excited, and she's going to liveblog her progress on tumblr using the tag "Mwyr because YOLO".

So I'm going to sit here and play Candy Crush and Bubble Witch or something and decide if I want to outline for Camp NaNo or draw.
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Went to the dermatologist today and GOOD NEWS IS, I'M NOT DYING FROM THIS RASH (okay no, that was never actually a consideration, but...) It had just spread so quickly that it was really disconcerting. Turns out it's just pityriasis rosea, and it might have been caused by a virus (like a cold virus), and then turned into a rash. It's not contagious nor dangerous, so it's just going to run its course for six-eight weeks. It's already starting to fade a bit on my neck/left arm. So, that's good!

Had date times with Xavier yesterday, and we went to a park with Kailan to take her on a walk. Then we came back and finished watching Tron: Uprising (ugh it's so good you guys). Also, our six months is the day after Valentine's lolol

Speaking of Kailan, dad bought new food for her and I don't think she likes it very much. Well, I mean, she eats it, but her stomach was making funny noises and now she's gassy. At least it hasn't gotten any worse than that. But I kicked her outside because hodamn those were some smelly farts, and now she won't stop barking. She's been at it for at least an hour.

Also, Molly has been forgetting how fat she is. It's kind of sad and adorable at the same time.

Sent resume and sample cover letter to mom, and she's going to look them over and spruce them up so I can apply to the concierge position for the hotel. Wish me luck with that the job has been posted for nearly 10 days ughhh

I'm in a rather weird mood at the moment. The internet is being slow and boring, and I really should be writing but I've ran out of steam to try and push through this block on Mwyr. I've decided I'll dedicate myself to finishing it in February, like I did with Wayfarer, but right now, getting this scene in 18 moving is really hindering me. And it's the start of a very important scene so I need to get through it! All the same, I'm going to go make Unbirthday tea and reread Pools of Radiance (because it's my favorite).

PS I uploaded all my important docs onto my Google Drive! Now they're backed up on the cloud and I can get them on my chromebook. In doing so, I got the urge to try and work more on SD, seeing as it was going to be written in the style of a cellphone novel. Hm.
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It has been awhile since I last posted, and even those last few posts haven't had much substance in general. I won't bother going into a lot of detail because it has been mundane and boring. So here is just a brief going on of what has been happening in the life of Mab.

Sister has officially moved out! Ah, so exciting! So relieving! Mom has cleaned the downstairs and wowow in one day, it was cleaner than it had been in FOREVER. Well, since August when Claire moved home. She also found the box of old cameras that Edgar's uncle gave Claire. I wand to get them fixed up and play with them oh my gosh I know film cameras are out of date and expensive but hnnng it would be so hipster much fun to take pictures with them! They're all super classy looking as well.

Claire took Elle with her instead of Kailan, so now I am saddled with a needy dog that doesn't understand personal space. It's fine when she's calm (like right now, she's sleeping next to me). But when she's not, it's IMPOSSIBLE. That and Molly isn't too fond of her and so she won't come near me most of the time when Kailan is around. I just want my kitty cuddles ubuu

January 4th-6th was Anime LA, which was just a chance for me to hang out with people I normally don't hang out with. I didn't cosplay--I dressed up fancy for photos on Sunday, though. My pink wig STILL hasn't arrived (I ordered it December first, delivery date was projected to be December 20th-January 9th. Um.) so I couldn't do Gunnerkrig!Annie. Also, no longer felt like doing Jack Frost which was too bad because I spent like $14 on the wig so now I have this unstyled silver wig kicking around. Oh well.

Around the 5th or so I noticed this rash appearing on my right arm. Thinking nothing of it, I carried on. 15 days later, it has since spread and now I'm starting to worry about it. It's across both shoulders/clavicle, up my neck, and has now progressed down to my hips/back. THE HELL. And now it's starting to itch! I don't know how I got it. My mom thinks it might be the pets, but I got it before they started sleeping in my bed near constantly, and I never had an issue with them when they DID sleep in my bed. I should probably wash my sheets though. I have since changed my towels and washed all my clothes since that time. Have an appointment with the dermatologist on Wednesday. Ugh. I'm die.

I don't know if that dry patch on my face is part of the rash or just part of the dry skin I've been having all over my face due to the face cream I have to use. Ugh my life.

Oh that reminds me I owe the dermatologist $30 still because my insurance didn't cover it all/it might have been because I canceled an appointment less than 24 hrs before the appointment and you get charged for that/it was originally $20 but I forgot to tell my mom and it has since gone up whoops.

I have a warm puppy curled up against one side of my leg and a hot cup of tea on the other. It is a very warm leg.

Okay so what else.

Bought fabric for my next dapper day dress! I just need to buy a pattern. I'm going to pick through Vogue and Butterick on the 1st/2nd because Joann's is having a giant sale. But I also have this really cute Simplicity pattern that I'm tempted to use, though I don't want one that is so narrow. I did buy 4 yards of fabric, though. If I go with one with too much flare, I might not have enough. There was a very cute vogue pattern I saw that I might get. It has a dress and a bolero. Though I also really like this one so if I see it I might nab it... I love pattern sales oh my goodness. I also bought this really cute hat pattern so I need to buy some red felt for that. Or use more of my brown fabric and get a red accent. But! Xavier is going to come with me! And so will Justin and probably Lisa. Diego and his girlfriend might come as well. Justin and Lisa won't be dressing up though ahaha bums

Xavier texted me yesterday saying that Justin Crast (one of our supervisors) called him into his office to ask if we were indeed dating. Because apparently several people told him about us? Which bothers both of us because, what, did we inconvenience you so much that you had to go out of your way to tell one of the higher-ups? We weren't exactly 100% discreet while at work, but we still kept everything professional and he still treats my cash outs just like any other MC. Yet still people had to have felt bothered by us enough to go and tell Justin. That's weird, right? Ugh it kind of frustrates me. Xavier didn't ask who it was that had told Justin, but I figured he wouldn't have told anyway. I'd like to know. To just go up to them and go "really? Our personal life outside of work concerns you that much?" Whatever. The overall result of that being that we no longer have to be discreet about it (we kept it to ourselves before because Xavier is cash out lead and therefor a higher position than I am). So, that's nice.

In other news, jobs are open at the hotel! I think I'll apply for concierge, since I have no "hotel front desk" experience (and a preferred candidate would speak Spanish fluently guh). Though I suppose it wouldn't hurt to apply for that anyway. I'll have my mom help me spruce up my resume tomorrow and get that turned in.

When August rolls around, I'll be moving out to Chicago with Tiffany! We'll be there until mid December. I'm so very excited about this. (hah look Lego Discovery Center in Chicago is hiring right now!) She's going to attend the sister school to her current university for one term.

Ugh my chin itchesssss I itch all over I hate this rash asldfkj rolls around and dies

With Motorcity over, the fandom has come up with two new ideas to keep the fans active: Motorcomic and Motorjam. The Jam I am quite nervous about because it's a very intense weekend of creating a game. I'll be writing for one (hopefully!). It's going to be February 8th-10th. I'm hoping that they'll announce our teams before so I can at least get a head start on plotting in case I have to work those days? I won't know for another two weeks if I will or not. Ugh.

Motorcomic, on the other hand, is going to be VERY exciting! Things are finally start to kick into gear. We're allowed to pick up two prompts, and so I've claimed a couple of fun ones ;) I had to drop two I wanted to do (one I might not pick up again, the second I likely will). The first one I've got is focused on the relationship between Kane and Mike, and how Julie viewed it (being Kane's daughter and all). Already got some good plotting done with my cowriter :) the second prompt is that someone pops up claiming to be Mike's father. I started to get ideas this morning, but I am going to be the only writer for that one it looks like. Though I will likely be turning to Wrexie and Rutella for assistance. If... Wrexie actually confirms. She's been on skype, just not on the forums... Hm. I just want to get STARTED ALREADY!

I should type up my stuff for the Mike's father prompt and share it. Yeaaaah.

Whelp i'm going to go wash my face and head to bed. i need to get my oil changed tomorrow. I should also really get back to cleaning my room...


PS2 I need to think of a tag for whenever I talk about me and Xavier because, you know, I tag almost every other aspect of my life. Whoops.
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I never did come back with that longer post, did I? Oh well. I got home a week ago from Ireland and I am still sort of stuck in the time difference (as in I want to go to bed at 8 and wake up at 5 or 6). Pictures are slowly going up on FB, barely making it to tumblr every so often.

I'm struggling to catch up with everything and have experienced my first fail as an author I was going to make a mix for had her posting date just recently and I had no idea because she never kept in contact with me after I got the rough draft. Well, that's fine. She had four other people claim her story so what's being short one mix? Other than that, I am hanging in there.

Just wanted to jump in and say "hey there". Going to make posts for FBB because I'm behind on that. I can't be faulted for stumbling a bit--I did run Round 2 quite flawlessly imo ahur.

I have the day off, so I shall unpack (FINALLY), do laundry, and work on cosplay (OH GOD OH GOD 10 DAYS UNTIL DAY 0!!!). If I have time, I'll make more posts.

PS: My mom has been pretty sick for the last two weeks, and I caught her cold on Friday. I've got a date of sorts on Thursday (and Friday!) and when I was complaining about being sick, the guy I'm going with said "Well. Get better." and I said "You don't think I'm trying?!" So here's to me trying.

PS2: My sister's commencement ceremony was on Saturday! Today, she turns 22! So weird ugh my little sister is growing up
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I'm rather distracted because I'm watching Thor and Hiddles is always distracting.

I have hit 23500 words on -0- last night. Holy shit it's turning into a monster. I think that, aside from Wayfarer, it's the longest thing I've written in a good long while. I thought Tag was long at just over 15000, but holy damn. And Adachi only just got in. So I've got about a third left to go. Oh god.

But after I hit that, I decided that I was going to take a break. Month-long for the purpose of working on FBB. Only I felt completely overwhelmed. And so, I have once again decided that it would be best to drop out of [community profile] fantasybigbang. I'm going to use this break to do other things, like read and sew and edit and relax.

But this means I don't have to freak out about my sewing projects. I'll probably work on them tomorrow after the gym.

Other than that, not much to say. I've been writing like mad.

Went to fashion district on Saturday and got some fabric for Rikku's outfit and now I need to think about how I'm going to actually put it together. Now I need to get trim for the shorts and ribbon for the back. Chris is putting together the leather things for me since he has a nice sewing machine for it.

Well. Yeah. Nothing much to say. Life has been pretty boring. Not complaining really! But now I'm not going to power-cram writing and sewing in a few short weeks.


PS I got paid for tutoring! Hoorah!
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Bullets, because nothing really concrete:

+ I'm getting stressed over really innocuous things. Like all the driving I have to be doing the next two weeks (two trips to fashion district if I can't get Erika to drive for one of them, and then up to the picnic for AX because it looks like Ryan didn't get the time off so that means I can't pester him into driving instead). Like the thought that maybe I should drop out of FBB after all, because I can't get myself to write Zero. Like I won't be able to do all the sewing that i want to do between writing and working, and Ireland, and doing other shit.

+ Need to send laptop back sometime this week.

+ Sold Alice 19th! Need to ship it out as well.

+ Will likely send both things on Friday, since I don't have work then.

+ Got Kat to agree to go with me to Starkids on the 20th! Yay!

+ Changing "trip to vegas with girls from work" to "heading up to santa monica pier/shopping, then 6 flax" or something like that. It's... a bit more money than I was planning on spending. One more thing to stress out over because I've been spending too much money lately on eating out and buying snacks.

+ And I still need to set some money aside for things like finally getting car insurance, I think now I have to pay for my AAA roadside membership, getting Euros, fabric for FFX!Rikku and possibly Otter Penguin uniform.

+ I should go write Zero but I am really just very tired of it, even though I know I need to finish it as soon as possible so that the persono can start recording the podfic. I don't know.

Now I've gotten myself worked up. I need chocolate. Too bad i don't have any.
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I'm super exhausted and a bit hungry but it is late. I haven't eaten a proper meal all day, just sort of snacked. But that's okay. Here's a quick update instead!

- Walpurgisnact, Beltane, and the day after were all very nice. I didn't burn the papers like I planned, nor did I go to the beach, but I had a very lovely stay at home day and enjoyed my first few days without worrying about tutoring.

- Devoured Insurgent. No joke. Too many feelings and no where to vent them. Dianne will be reading it soon, though.

- CLEANED MY ROOM OH MY GOD. I had laundry out from back when I saw Hunger Games it has been THAT LONG. Desk is still a hopeless mess though, there is no fixing that.

- Need to crank out the second half for Zero. I got two claims for it!! AND SOMEONE WANTS TO DO A PODFIC FOR IT (/foams at the mouth excitedly). Someone also wants to do art even though they don't know the P4 fandom. I AM SO HONORED.

- Tiffany came over yesterday and we had drinks and pretended to write and watched Princess and the Frog. It was good. Then she convinced me to see the Avengers with her.

- I had many Tom Hiddleston feels. They mostly involved me going "He would make a perfect Johannes Cabal oh god why--". I had many other feels over how incredibly good looking the cast is (mmmmm tight pants galore) and how wonderful Joss Whedon is. Also very nearly burst out laughing when the movie just started and Loki was on screen and Tiffany's dad leans over and says "I just paid for your lunch! Don't you feel stupid now!!"

- Got my tickets for my flight to Ireland! Oh god you guys it's coming so quickly I don't know what to do I am so nervous and excited. I depart from San Diego on June 1st at 9:25, then arrive in Dublin at 8AM on June 2nd (got a 3 hour layover in Chicago). Then have trip times. Then we arrive back in Dublin on June 9th. I stay in a hotel overnight and depart from Dublin on June 10th at 10 AM, arriving back in San Diego at 7PM on June 10th (after a 7-hour layover ohgod). But this means I get a whole day to play in Dublin! AHHHH I AM SO EXCITED!

Okay anyway going to bed because I am so super exhausted and my stomach is going "bleh" from lack of food and I don't want to make tea and yeah. Tired but happy.
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Yesterday consisted of braiding for Beltane and setting my my altar and then reading Insurgent for 10+ hours.

Today consisted of some cleansing for Beltane and then lying around on my floor pretending to clean and reading Wayfarer (without editing) and eating gummi bears.

No regrets.

Except with all the gummi bears...

Freaking exhausted from staying up so late last night. Got work in the morning. Love having an entire day to myself and having to go "oh, I need to run off to tutoring!"

Also found out I'm actually getting paid for March! $50 for the 3 or so hours I did. Good. This means there is hope for actually getting paid for April! Though it remains to be seen if they'll charge me for unfinished hours...

Yeah okay going to bed zzzalskdafj

Oh, and managed to convince myself to remain in FBB so let's get that shit done!
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Okay so. I've been meaning to make a post (AN ACTUAL POST) for days now. Today's post will be in a rambly paragraph format, so read at your own peril. It will mostly consist of the remains of my anger, as well as talking about plans for next week.

So, first, to get it all out of the way: MY ANGER. At this tutoring company. Wednesday saw a 10-minute rant session to my dad, and yesterday had a 20-minute rant session to my parents. It also involved me nearly screaming my head off in public and crying in my car. On one hand, I am SO TOTALLY GLAD that April is over. Like, I could seriously cry in relief with it being over. But the company decided to inform me yesterday that they didn't accept the SLP I made for Andrea (submitted on the 11th), though they never told me why (or what I should do with the paperwork), just that any hours I completed with her will not be counted (I had around 8). They also decided to inform me yesterday that I never turned in an SLP for one of my students (I turned it in on the 20th, though admittedly it wasn't the signed version, though they just said I never turned one in period), and so I will not be able to tutor her (I've completed around 5 hours with her).

Keep in mind they sent me these emails at 3:30 on a Friday. And my last day of tutoring is Monday.

I sent replies to both emails (the first one saying "Why was it not accepted and why was I not informed of this sooner?" and the second one saying "I turned it in, and I would offer to forward it to you but I guess it would be too late seeing as my last day of tutoring is on Monday"). Of course, I won't get any responses until after Monday. If I do, I will likely promptly delete them without reading them. Because really.

Any rate, I still never found out about if I will owe them the $27 per uncompleted hour. They called me after I finished Lupe and said I would have to, and if I had any questions, I could call their payment and invoicing department. Which would be useless because if I called them yesterday then they wouldn't return my call until, what, next Thursday? Probably a month from now, knowing them.

After talking to mom about it, she announces that it is likely a scam and that they never really planned on giving the kids laptops for "completing 15.25 hours of tutoring"; that when David's previous tutor neglected to file the paperwork correctly, it wasn't the previous tutor's fault it was the company making it look that way. And that if they hire any more tutors on for the remainder of the year, that it will now proceed to look like I have been at fault for missing hours and incomplete paperwork etc.

I had to tell Andrea and Emily (and David's mom) that the company is being a jerk and screwing with all of us. I have pretty much completed all my tutoring. My official tutoring. I promised Andrea that I would let her take the post-test so she can see how much she has improved. I'm going to print it out like a worksheet and have her take it that way, and then we'll just review it together or something.


Tomorrow after work I am making copies of all the paperwork that I have completed--so that I'll have digital copies and then the "official" ones all shoved into the envelope to be mailed off on Monday morning. I am going to take all the copies (or maybe the originals and mail in copies, just to make it more satisfying) on Tuesday and use them in my Beltane ritual: BURNING THEM.

At this point, I have become so exhausted and have had no time really to relax and not stress about anything. Not to say that will all be over at the end of the month, because I am really panicking about these big bangs and I'm honestly considering dropping as an author for FBB, but after this tutoring I will officially have "me" time.

Monday is my chance to unwind. Monday is Walpurgisnacht, or May's eve. After tutoring, I'm going to B&N with Dan and Erika after not having seen them for a month or so, then I'm coming home to have a drink and do some readings with Aurora and Agrippa.

Tuesday is my chance to cleanse. It is Beltane, May 1st. I have the day off, so I am going to clean my bathroom (or at least my bathtub) I don't know when Insurgent will arrive, but I am hoping early in the day! I am going to be dressing in reds and golds/yellows, the color of Amity (from Divergent series) and even close to the colors for Beltane (yellow, green, and pink). I'm going to the beach to read and cleanse my crystals and decks. Then I'm going to bring some sea water home with me, and set up candles around my bathtub and mix the sea water in the bathtub with a little bit of tap water, then proceed to burn all the paper work. Beltane is a celebration of fire, and it is believed that jumping over a bonfire or even a candlestick will help cleanse you. While I can't exactly jump over flames easily in my setting, burning the source of my stress from the past month will be a wonderful release (and it will be into a bathtub filled with my element, water).

So yes, looking forward to that.

I've finished plotting Zero for the most part, and all I need to do is power-through and finish writing it. I found a beta, which is wonderful, and she loves it so far. I'll type up my outline and then send it in with the rough draft on Sunday or Monday. But I honestly don't have the time or the energy to work on FBB. Which, while sad because I do love that story, I would not be able to make it. Not if I also want to do a decent job of editing wayfarer on top of writing Zero. Of course, I'll still be doing art/mixes for it, so. We always need more artists compared to writers. Maybe I'll save it for next round or something.

For those of you who haven't heard, Legend of Korra has been stealing my soul. I need icons. I want to screencap it and then make a pretty picspam but then I see all these pretty graphics on tumblr and I just go "bwuh how does u photoshoop?" (/just like that). But it has been stealing my soul. And I am seriously in love with it and it's potential and I will cry if it only ends up being only the 14 episodes they have planned (they can't call something Book 1 and then not have anything else!!!!!) because there is SO MUCH they can do with the world and 10 more episodes won't cut it FANFICTION!. Chris, Taka and I have created an OC pro-bending team. We are called the Otter Penguins. We're going to dress up and do a photoshoot in the summer. It will be awesome.

Speaking of cosplay, on top of suddenly deciding to do the Otter Penguins (I bought a black wig for my character! I can't wait to get it and style it!), I've decided to add FFX!Rikku to my cosplay list! Oh my god! I've been wanting to do her forever. Now I will! My friend Jessa is actually doing an FFX group (Yuna, Tidus, Wakka, and Lulu) and so I am very excited because I will have people! And they're all amazing cosplayers so I have my work cut out for me. I also asked if she could bring her Roxas so we can take pictures as Roxas and Namine and she said okay *A* (and her Tidus is also her Sora and so that might happen as well and EEEE). Sorry I'm just filled with excited feels because Kat was my cosplay buddy and she's gone ;a; (/makes grabby hands). We're having a trip to the Fashion District in May. It will be grand.

Okay whelp I should go I've got work for six hours tomorrow. But then I am getting stuff to prepare for Beltane and then copying paperwork and doing laundry. And maybe editing.

The only thing I will be sad about no longer tutoring is not having that netbook.

PS: Artemis you damn phone what are you doing what is wrong with you ugh I think I will turn you off and use something else for an alarm just in case.
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I can't believe it either. Just two weeks of April left! So much left yet to do.

A lot of the parents of my students have been asking me if the kids will be getting the laptops at the end of the tutoring, or if I can come back more than twice a week, or if I can stay more than an hour a day. And I feel really guilty saying "no I can't" or "I don't know". Because it's really unfair to both the students and to me that the company put us in such a position. No I cannot get even close to 15 hours for seven students, especially when I only started tutoring two last week. Starting next week, I have to schedule post-tests for everyone. I don't honestly expect some of their scores to rise all that much because I have had so little time with them. But just two more weeks. Two more weeks. Technically less since the last week won't be all tutoring.

It rained last Friday so the bonfire was going to be rescheduled. Ryan wants to go bowling on a Monday or Tuesday but a lot of people decided to just go ahead and do the bonfire this Friday. Ryan won't be able to go since he's got plans already, and I don't think I'll be staying that long because I'll have tutoring until, what, 7:30 I think? And then I have to be up early on Saturday for AX meeting. But it will be nice to go to the beach. The weather has been lovely lately.

So, yes, meeting for AX on Saturday. Gotta be there as close to 9 as possible, which means getting up at 7 (which is fine I've been doing that without an alarm anyway) and leaving at 8 (that's the tricky part). Will be there most of the day so I haven't been able to schedule tutoring for Saturday. There's a form from way back when that I never filled out so I should actually do that and bring it to Jonathan... whoops haha

For those of you that haven't heard, I printed out Wayfarer and stuck it in a giant binder! I want to start editing it, but I really should be writing. And I Haven't been writing. Mostly because when I have the time, I just want to relax because I never really have the time. But guh. I have two weeks left to get as much done of Zero as I possibly can (and reread Divergent if possible) and then comes May, when I must cram in my FBB and somewhere in between read Insurgent and start editing.

My plans for today after this post:
- Clean room while rocking out to Mumford and Sons
- Print out worksheets for students for today (and tomorrow)
- Go to tutoring
- Work in writing if possible

Friday I'll do laundry. And get more writing and possibly editing done.

Had to get my car repaired. It cost somewhere around $1000 though I'm only going to be paying for half of it. Haven't had the chance to talk to parents about what I'll be paying since they picked it up yesterday while I was at tutoring. Of course, I also keep asking my dad to send me an updated total of what I owe him for my cellphone and he never does. Hm.

I think I remembered what I wanted to write for my NaNo novel! And it involves Fe, Finn, and Othello and my attempt at writing horror! Well, horror in the Ghost Hunt sense. Fe is a modern-day witch. I haven't decided which kind yet, but I have been following blogs of a lot of witches and have been utterly fascinated by some of the things they do. I don't think I'll make her someone who dabbles in dark magic but I want to make a character she knows that does. I think Finn will still be a religious person, though he keeps quiet about it. And Othello is just sort of there. I really need to think of a reason why he gets roped in with them. But they're going to fight ghosts and spirits and it's going to be awesome!

Speaking of witch-y things, I really want to set up a mini altar. I know where I want to put it, but then I'll have to find another spot for all my Lego mini figures LOL (well, as well as everything else on that shelf because not everything I want to keep in my altar). I am thinking of changing my bamboo to my old fish bowl because it's been in that vase for far too long (almost seven years) and it's probably not good for it's roots. It is starting to die, so I want to see if there is any way to get it flourishing again. Also, Beltane is coming up on the 1st. Since it is a Tuesday, it calls for a trip to the beach!

Mom and I have already started talking about packing for my trip to Ireland. I am so so so excited though I have to keep reminding my dad to buy tickets because if not then they will just get more and more expensive. YOU GUYS. IT'S JUST A MONTH AND A HALF! AHHHHHH!

Okay I've got an hour and a half to clean my room and get dressed. Let's go.

Here's a six-word story. Back to my FBB because I haven't written for that in ages:

They're carved carefully, lovingly, from bone.
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Good things I forgot to update about/update on things that happened:

+ I got paid on Friday! MONEY. LOTS OF IT.
+ Really excited for bonfire on Friday. I need to ask Ryan if it will be okay for me to post about it on the bulletin board. But he's up at the water park and I keep forgetting to ask him on FB. Whoops.
+ Seeing Hunger Games again tomorrow! With Erika and probably Luke. I don't know what time. I'll ask one of them to look up times.
+ Hanging out with Tiffany, Kelsey, and Kathryn on Wednesday! We're going to have lots of delicious food at Tiffany's and then make dessert and watch movies and play games or something exciting. It will be lots of fun!
+ I FOUND OUT TODAY THAT, AFTER THIS NEXT WEEK, THE PARK WILL BE CLOSED AGAIN ON TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY! I thought we were open all week for the rest of the month but NOPE. THIS MEANS I WILL HAVE DAYS OFF. And we won't be opening at 9 anymore which means I won't have to open window at 8:15 anymore! YAY! TIME TO WRITE AND SLEEP AND GO TO THE GYM AND PREPARE LESSON PLANS AND WRITE AND READ AND WRITE!
+ I am likely not going to do most of that writing from the above bullet but oh well.

That is all! I am tired! Time for bed! I need to be up at 6 tomorrow! Or close to it. On time to leave by 7:45. But we have quiche and croissants to eat for breakfast. Yum yum.
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+ I know it might not seem like it, but I am alive. Hanging in there. April was off to a super rough start on the first but it has since wound down. I am doing my best not to stress. I am doing quite well at it, except for the fact that I have my SLPs due on the 6th and I don't think I can get a hold of one of my students in time to test her. And I've technically started tutoring for students before getting their SLPs approved.

+ Ooops I've had this open for about half an hour already and just only wrote that top bit. Curse you, tumblr.

+ I realised that this weekend is Easter. Doesn't mean much. My mom said don't worry about it since none of the cousins are likely to make it. I have work until 4, Jennifer is in LA, Kiiya is in San Francisco, Cameron is moving into a house, and Claire is in Riverside.

+ Next weekend is the bonfire! I need to talk to Ryan about inviting other people. I wonder if Xavier has been invited, or if any of the new people have. But I am excited! Our bonfires are always super fun ;D

+ I should go to bed...

+ Writing has not been happening. I leave the house at around 7:45 or 8:00 and I don't get home until around 5 or 6. I'm not used to these sort of hours. The last time I had these hours I was working front office admin and so I could sit around on the computer all day once I finished what I was supposed to be doing. Now I actually have to interact with people (can I get a resounding "ewwwww").

+ In related news, I've gotten a good amount of my 6-word-alphabet stories done? It's looking like I have about 5 left! I'll finish them likely tomorrow and then type them all up and share them with the word. Mmyep.

Well I'm sure there is plenty more I can say. But I really need to go to bed since I need to get up at like 6:30 (preferably earlier but will likely be later) tomorrow because I have work at 8:15 and I've been late way too often (and by late I mean clocking in just barely within the grace period). After work tomorrow I will go chill at Panera and do some organizing and writing and breathe easy for a spell. Tea will help. I am sure of it.

Cheers, and love you all!
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Just to keep me going, here are a list of things I am looking forward to between now and the end of the year. Will be added to as I go.

- Beach bonfire with people from work!

- Trip to Vegas with girls from work!
- APOCALYPTOUR for Starkids!

- IRELAND!!!!!1!! (/foams at the mouth)
- AX!

- AX cont.!
- My birthday

- Camp NaNo! In which I finish the story from my previous camp nano

- Dapper Day!
- Photoshoots with Autumn!

- NaNo! Oh geeze I have forgotten what I was going to write for this but I thought I had settled on a story...

- Japan and Korea hopefully!

- Possibly moving depending on bank account!
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Okay so while my internet is down aka I can't just be distracted by my tumblr I shall update really quickly like!

I am going to be very spotty on here, because the next month is going to be long and a lot of work and I will actually need to manage my time. Which is something I've never really done, like studying. It will be interesting to see if I can pull this off, and how much of my sanity is in tact when April is over my bank account will certainly help in restoring my sanity ;D

Got hold of the company finally! They reset my password (after she gave me the test codes I needed right away), and then she also set up a meeting with the two families I couldn't because of the Spanish language block. Um. So it's going to be busy busy busy! I need an Effie Trinket to help me manage my time really.

I almost did break down in the middle of Panera though. I got off two hours before my tutoring session so I went to Panera to get some food because all I had for breakfast was a banana and an apple, and then some cracker sandwiches during my break. While I got everything resolved, I just felt completely overwhelmed thinking about "how am I going to get this all done?! What if this-and-this doesn't happen? How am I going to reschedule all these shifts?" I don't know. But my first time cards are due soon even though I did things out of order so I might not be paid for anything this month. Who knows. They have yet to get back to me...

And it turns out we're doing Easter at our house. Which just means that I will have to be social with family. It will be the first easter in like... three years that I will be present for? Last year I was at a cosplay gathering, then the year before that was Disneyland, and the year before that was An Cafe! Do not regret any of those events in the slightest. But this year I'm not doing anything but working.

What else.

I am up later than planned but that is okay.

I had such an interesting dream this morning. Normally I can tell when I am dreaming and accept it, but this dream I had I was honestly convinced that it was real. Well, I say real but I mean dream!me thought I was watching an anime. And I loved the soundtrack and really wanted to download it. And I wanted to cosplay the girl. I remember her outfit well enough that, if I feel brave, I might attempt to make it I don't know how I feel about sewing a tutu/petticoat though. I don't remember a lot of the character's names, but one of them I am convinced is named John. And the snotty girl is named Kathleen. I know this for a fact, and it won't be changed. The main boy was named Neko and no matter how I think to change it, his character is set around it being 'Neko' (probably because I thought this was an anime so the name seemed okay but now I am half going NEKU and also NIKO). The girl, whose outfit I want, is named Priscilla, but everyone calls her Scilla (skilla). Why, I don't know, but again that's how it stuck in my head.

I'm not going to talk about it now because I could go on. But I will make a writers of yore tumblr and then talk about it there. Because I can.

I don't have anything else to say. I am going to give you a 6-word story. Maybe one day I will have time to actually write. Though I've been spending most of my free-time reading.

Cover his eyes to conceal lies.
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Okay so!

Despite my three phone calls, two voice mails, and one email, company has not gotten back to me. I am still unable to log into the tutoring web page and thus I am unable to get the codes for the tests.

I have two sessions scheduled for tomorrow.

Instead of rescheduling AGAIN I am just going to go, regardless of what happens with the company, and get to know the students, their families, see what they think they'll need work on/what their learning is like, and then set up a (hopefully) regular schedule for sessions. The session I have on Wednesday will be fine because she's already taken her test. I still can't get a hold of two of the families because they speak mostly Spanish and the company hasn't gotten back to me, and the last one is out of town until the 1st so I'll get her test set up then. Gah. Now I just need to see if Ahn or Carlos will switch shifts with me on Wednesday and it will be golden.

All in all, I have decided to stop freaking out about it. I still need two or so days of no Legoland work to just figure out everything and get ready. Friday is too far away to manage that. But I will prevail!

Kat randomly IMed me last night while I was reading manga ♥♥♥♥ it was good to talk to her again. (I can't wait to visit youuuuuuu! One daaaaaaay.) She got to listen to me fangirl over Frau and 07-Ghost. I listened to her eat an apple that was (apparently) as big as her head. Good times.

Today was north gate which means I just sat around and read Artemis Fowl and the Arctic Incident. I am going to figure out when I work tomorrow and then go curl right back in bed and finish reading it. Because I start work at 8:30 tomorrow and I wanted to wash my hair but I might not get the chance. Urgle. Early mornings and long days. Just think of the paycheck, that's what I have to keep telling myself.

Um. What else.

Haven't been doing any writing. But again I feel like I'm sort of dying under work related things right now.

Got an update on Ireland! We might head up to County Mayo for a day to go hiking at Croagh Patrick park and visit the statue of St Patrick haha I JUST WANT IT TO BE JUNE ALREADY. I AM SO EXCITED AND I WANT TO TAKE ALL THE PICTURES! I think I'll be the youngest person going on the trip ahur BUT PICTURES AND GOOD MUSIC. I WANT THEM NOW.

I have an idea for a Hunger Games graphic that I want to make, but I don't have the time to sit down and make it :/ just like I don't have the time to draw these two picture ideas I have (much less alone work on ones I am sitting on), or write, or design outfits for my FBB, or any number of things.

Once April is over I will breathe easy, I think.

Tonight's -0-!inspired six-word story I almost typed sex-word:
The Shadow summons a new beginning
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+ Made beef stroganoff today. It didn't turn out as well I was hoping. We used stew meat instead of fillets or something thinner. Didn't have beef broth so I used French onion soup which means it was a lot more liquidy than it should have been. Still, it was delicious.

+ Missed the entire meeting for AX because of this dinner. I am used to the meetings being 2 hours, and this time it only ended up being like half an hour. So talking with Amy to catch up on what I missed and gave some suggestions.

+ Yesterday was long, but I always get giddy and happy spending time with Ryan (even at work; I'm a lost cause...). But AP is never hard and Sarah was there with me for a few hours. One of the printers broke twice, but I finally managed to fix it. Only, to be on the safe side, I used a different printer for the rest of the day. There was some pretty special moments, such as a woman thinking I could give her actual money for a Legoland gift card. I gave her Lego dollars, which are pretty much a bill form of gift cards, and we've been giving them out because some of the new registers aren't accepting gift cards. So I gave her $10 in return for her $9.18 gift card, and she was like "... what is this? Can't you just give me actual money?" No. Gift cards can never be turned in for actual money. Besides, wouldn't it make sense to exchange a Legoland gift card for money that can only be used at Legoland? LOGIC.

+ Today was short and wet. Got my review for my 2011 Personal Development Plan. Daniel had said "So these are based off the goals we gave you last year--" and I said "I didn't get any." He just gave me this look of surprise then sort of frustration at the leads and then complimented me on how well I did on the goals I didn't know I had.

+ I haven't been inspired to work on my [community profile] fantasybigbang story at all. Mostly because I've been so exhausted. I am going to have to change my writing schedule as it is all out of whack now. I don't think I'll be writing any tonight. I might force myself to do 1k to make up for the 14th or so, but I'm 5 days behind. All the same, I've decided not to do Script Frenzy in April. I don't have the time or the inspiration between work, now tutoring, and two other story projects.

+ That being said: Tutoring! I gots it! It only lasts until April 30th but that's okay. I need to fax a copy of my voided check so I can start working. Got a netbook to use for it, but sadface I can't change the wallpaper :c I need to read over all the paperwork and try to figure it all out before the end of the week. Luckily, I have a lot of days off this coming week.

+ SIX DAYS UNTIL HUNGER GAMES. Taylor Swift performed her second song for the HG companion album at her concert in NZ today and omg I love it I can't wait for this album to arrive on Wednesday! I also hope my "I'll Bake You Pies" shirt arrives soon. It shipped out on like, Wednesday? No, Monday! Man. It should be here by now! FED EX SAID IT WAS DELIVERED TODAY. OH NO I DIDN'T CHECK THE MAIL BECAUSE IT WAS POURING. But if it was Fed Ex then it would have ended up on our front porch sooooo where is it? Sobs.

+ What else? Nothing else that I can think of.

Can't wait to see [personal profile] kit_kit and [personal profile] maraudersara tomorrow! I will do so much writing when I am with you two, I know it. Yesssssssss

Your FBB-inspired 6-word-story for the evening:
The raven still calls to her.

ps I need to figure out how to install custom mood themes on here. I want to use this Tangled one I've been sitting on forever.
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I've been so exhausted lately I don't know why. It's not just time time change, which certainly does lend to it. But the last four days or so I've taken 2+ hour naps. I normally get overheated during them so I wake up super groggy. I didn't have my fan on last night so I got really hot and when I get overheated when I'm sleeping, then I have weird dreams and they were all very weird and I only remember one of them but it was crazy.

Tomorrow is North Gate and I'm looking forward to that because it will be a relaxing change in pace from training and window. Bringing Artemis Fowl and I think Nightworld. Just because.

At any rate, there hasn't been much going on, either irl or on the internet so I just wanted to come here and go "blah so many naps" and then wander off. I have to write for today, still. And update the table for yesterday.

Six-word story:
She was lost, he found her.

Quick Post

Mar. 9th, 2012 08:55 am
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I was all excited because I got paid today and then I looked at my account and it's still a lot lower than I want it to be. Marc Gunn still hasn't taken the money out for the Ireland trip (the check should have gotten there by now... but at least no one else has cashed it yet hahaha) so it makes it feel like I have more money than I do (practically $2000 more than I actually do). But like $525 is the most I've had in my account for awhile. It's taking me a long time to rebuild it after I had to pay $430 for car repairs and $400 for the deposit for Ireland. Hours will start picking up at work, and I've now got OJT hours and GS hours under my belt so that means more, and then the tutoring gig so. Yay!

So I was thinking that I didn't make progress on my to-do list for yesterday until I realised that the only thing I DIDN'T do was the credit score test. Well. After work, I read and then made a really nice dinner. The dinner was totally delicious though so it was so worth it. I have today off, so I'll be doing the online assessment test and form as well as the credit score test. I will not be going to the gym because I don't know how that might affect the TB test. But I have to go get that read later today, and I need to put some manga in the mail. All in all, a doable day.

Last night, I finished rereading Hunger Games. Only took 2 days! and that's only because I wouldn't do anything else Wednesday after my write-in and yesterday after work. TWO WEEKS UNTIL THE MOVIE. I can't wait to see what they're changing, though I already know quite a few things. I am now debating if I want to start rereading Artemis Fowl or just get right to Chestnut King.

I can't believe it's Friday already. It felt like it was Friday two days ago. But this time moving fast is really great because I've got so many things to look forward to. I'm just pretty must enjoying life and things.

Autumn's going to come visit in September, around when the next Dapper Day is. Because it's an evening Dapper Day, she said I could spend the night at her sister or brother's house as they both live really super close to Disneyland. We're going to try and do our sisters Cabal photoshoot (at a decrepit amusement park type thing fasl;dfkj it's going to be really awesome) and our Azi and Crowley shoot then. So excited.

Um. What else? I don't know. I'm going to go eat some breakfast, clean my room, then start doing some productive things.

6-word story of the post:

And in her heart, she knew.

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