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I just need to write it down before I forget it. Feel free to ignore. I don't even know if it will make its way into NaNo, or if I'll make a series out of this book. So here we go.

Ew talking about feelings )

((Time for work!))
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Like I mentioned, I wanted to add a new character in order to make this strange conversation a reality in my NaNo.

I decided that he's a friend of Othello's from university so he's a bit older (probably around Finn's age) and he comes out to see what little Donahue is up to after graduating.

Also, he's the Devil's avatar and he's really just out for Fe's soul.

He told me, quite plainly, that his name is going to be Christian.

I told him "No" because 1) I already have a character named that and I hate repeating names and 2) THAT WOULD BE TOO IRONIC.

He's just smiling and giving me this look like "Don't even try to argue with me we both know that's going to be my name."


Edit: I was trying to think that, because this story takes place in Tennessee, not every character has to be white (at first this new guy was blonde), and so he went "I can be a black guy!" but that's just too stereotypical! He just does not want to be PC! Work with me here, dude.

Hint: He's still just grinning.

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