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Wow it's like I only come to you guys when I need a place to put things that isn't tumblr or twitter I'm sorry.

I think I want to start using this some more than I have in the year or two past, mostly because -- while not a lot has happened -- I like having this space to turn to that isn't limited by characters or viewable by so many people. (Or anyone because I don't know who is still here?!) (IF YOU ARE HI HOW HAVE YOU BEEN I HAVE MISSED THIS SPACE)

Okay but I have created a writing twitter dedicated to me rambling on about my stories so I don't spam lil-miss-banana with it all. So please check out pepper_squash if you are interested in it! A few days ago, after deciding I wanted to talk about my stories, I decided to tweet about them. And I selected 20 different titles to talk about. Novels, "novellas", "idk what to do with these", "I would love to write this if it didn't take so much time" and "oh my god I forgot about these". And then I took the time to pull that all from twitter and format it. Only now it's posted backwards so I have to fix that before I post it on here.

So be prepared for the madness below the cut of like 6k+ of me talking about 20 different stories sobs


(/curtain draws shut across the scene)

on writing

May. 18th, 2013 09:34 pm
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it's been forever since I've posted here but I just have something I feel like getting off my chest because it's really been bothering me for awhile and I don't think I'll be able to move on with writing until I do.

insert rambling here )
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I failed to mention it on my DW but I mentioned it everywhere else multiple times, but I FINISHED MY FIRST DRAFT (second draft?) OF MWYR! I am so so so completely excited because, as of yesterday, Sarah finished reading it and wrote me 20+ pages of notes and is going to help me do fashion references once I decide on an era. AHHHH I know a lot of my other friends are reading it but I don't know how far along they all are. But it means a lot to me to have all these different people reading it (friends, family, people I don't know that well--thanks to all of you!)

I also finished rereading the first Kali and reading the 2nd Kali and asdflkj mmmmrrrrrrrrrrr my boys. All of them. I'm really proud of Sarah for charging ahead with it, because I think it is her most well-developed story and I will link you all once she puts it up onto Amazon and B&N for an epub book! Please buy it! It's fabulous. I will be buying it.

I've made several FSTs recently, one for Mwyr, and one for Kali 2 being the ones I will pimp at all of you. I listened to the Mwyr one the entire time I worked on the novel through the end of January and into February, and I've been listening to the Kali one all day today.

Tiffany and I have been looking at apartments online and are finding ones we like and making an order to all of them. We are both really excited. One place we found is TOTALLY ADORABLE AND PERFECT and it's right next to the lake and is in a really nice neighborhood and is really affordable. We've got some time to keep looking, but we're hoping to get that one. And we'll get to see Thor 2 and Catching Fire together (actually, the whole me moving out there with her thing started because I wanted to see Catching Fire with her. It escalated quickly.)

It was only yesterday that I came to realize that, after moving out to live in Chicago, I won't want to move back home with my parents. My mom has been telling me in no uncertain terms that they are thinking of renting out the guest house where I stay, which means I would have to move into the smaller room in the house. But, on the whole, I am really tired of living at home. It has it's perks, of course, but I'm turning 25 this year I think it's about time I get on my feet.

So I asked Sarah if her and Ick would be interested in moving in together somewhere (not San Francisco like our original plans with Amy, but somewhere), and she said they were considering doing something similar with their friend Julia from PA. They were looking into San Bernardino, probably close to where my mom had her apartment. But I think it would be a lot of fun. I know a lot of people have said to me "we should live together" but it's only that: Saying it. They're all very comfortable with where they are right now living and so who am I to say "you need to disrupt this so that I can make my way in". Sarah and Ick are in the same position that I am in. So it is perfect.

Camp NaNo starts next week (well, a week and four days?) And it's kind of cool because this year they are allowing you to set your own word count goal! So I'm aiming for 25k because super busy work hours. I'll also be doing world building exercises for Mwyr during that time, whew!

At the same time, there is a new fantasy anthology project that is accepting submissions with the theme of "Rediscovery". Submissions are to be 2k-8k long and I'm thinking of turning "Still Waiting" into a short story, and possibly seeing if I can't get Soup and Ick to help me out with an Adonisville entry. I've already started writing the thing for SW and it will be interesting to see how I will change it.

Gosh I've had this open for hours but nothing has been going down on here very easily

Dianne is about to start reading Mwyr! I am very excited, and she's going to liveblog her progress on tumblr using the tag "Mwyr because YOLO".

So I'm going to sit here and play Candy Crush and Bubble Witch or something and decide if I want to outline for Camp NaNo or draw.
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A lot of people really wanted to see this post and so I suddenly feel like there is a "no pressure!" situation going on. Wow.

I'm going to ramble on a bit about my history with this story and then I'll get in to talking about the plot.

Be warned: There are going to be spoilers galore! So if you're adverse to spoilers of ANY KIND, even if it's a story you might not even read, then tread with caution!

Current Status: 16.5 chapters written // 82600 words of the original goal of 60k

Ease of access links to sections here:
- My history with "Mwyr" and why I love it so
- Canon history of the world in "Mwyr" (or the world of Mwyr depending on how you look at it)
- Rambling on about the story

history of mwyr )
Canon history leading up to where I am )
Ramblings on the current story )

Most of the questions that I have revolve around what will happen in book two, so I don't want to consider them just yet--mostly because I don't know how things will proceed with book one. But you will learn more about the Goddess' history, the Ti'Corrah, and the "Song of the Seven Heroes". You'll also get to meet this new race of creatures called the Hatu--another race that is "not supposed to exist yet still does anyway", and Sera geeks out major (he's a history buff).

My biggest problem, as of now, is trying to figure out where the plot is going. Because while the original point of the story was Arika traveling to get home, that's been erased.

Now, I should go and work on the actual story...
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I just need to write it down before I forget it. Feel free to ignore. I don't even know if it will make its way into NaNo, or if I'll make a series out of this book. So here we go.

Ew talking about feelings )

((Time for work!))
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This week is an easy week for me, which is nice. Only working 31 hours or so, but 7 of them are going to be training hours! Bwahaha. But, surprisingly, I have two days off this week! I totally needed it. I was starting to feel burnt out and felt the comings of a cold.

Comings of a cold have fled and creativity has returned! In time for Nano! (so Adonisville and Mwyr need to stop being on my mind).

But, really, I've been feeling very creative lately and writing lots of dialogue scenes. And then this morning (in between chasing my cats around with a squirt bottle) I created a strange world that I would love to eventually incorporate into something. Under the cut.

Because I like to ramble )

But really I should be concentrating on my NaNo stop STOP THAT ME.

I wrote a dialogue yesterday that I now need to add into my NaNo, only it means I need to create a new character. Which is so strange to be because it has ALWAYS been just Fe, Finn, and Othello. So I don't know if this will be fun or a challenge. Maybe I'll troll the NaNo forums for something. Until then, I should get back to ironing out this plot. I'm going to make profiles for the main three up at Charahub later today.

Well, I need to go eat because my tumbly is all a rumbly, and then I need to be producitve. I wanted to get a haircut and dye my hair today, but I don't know if that's going to happen (well, I need to touch up my hair because my roots are showing but I guess I might not go for the color change I had been planning just yet).

PS this song has been on repeat the entire time I made this post. HOT DAMN I love it. Finally bought it yesterday. Got tired of just repeating it on youtube.

PS 2 I need to make new icons.
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Title: -0-
Fandom: Persona 4
Written for: [community profile] casestory
Rating: Light PG-13 for swearing and head-trips

Prompt: Here

Link to Podfic Masterpost: Here!
Link to Art: (will be updated when I get it)

Part 2: (will be updated when story is completed)

(warning: WALL O' TEXT! Might break it down further at some point but for now, deal).

Zero, Part 1 )
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Author: [personal profile] lady_mab
Podficcer: [ profile] heavenly_rain
Artist: [ profile] theadaze
Beta reader: [ profile] shroomko

Title: -0-
Fandom: Persona 4
Written for: [community profile] casestory
Rating: Light PG-13 for swearing and head-trips

Prompt: Here

Trapped in locked rooms in an remote warehouse, nine people have to race against the clock in order to unravel the labyrinth filled with strange puzzles. Along the way they are faced with the threat of demons and text messages from someone calling himself "Zero". Each person has a code name based on a tarot cart, but what happens when two with the name Fool appear? Which one is to be trusted: the bumbling stranger with a disarming smile, or the level-headed young man with a mysterious air? And who is this "Mother" that leaves loving messages promising their deaths? When faced with life or death, the human condition shows it's true face. It's up to these nine strangers to learn to either trust each other or die trying.

Link to Podfic Masterpost: Here!
Link to Art: (will be updated when I get it)

Part 1: Here
Part 2: (will be updated when story is completed)

LJ Mirror: (will be updated when I post it there)
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I'm rather distracted because I'm watching Thor and Hiddles is always distracting.

I have hit 23500 words on -0- last night. Holy shit it's turning into a monster. I think that, aside from Wayfarer, it's the longest thing I've written in a good long while. I thought Tag was long at just over 15000, but holy damn. And Adachi only just got in. So I've got about a third left to go. Oh god.

But after I hit that, I decided that I was going to take a break. Month-long for the purpose of working on FBB. Only I felt completely overwhelmed. And so, I have once again decided that it would be best to drop out of [community profile] fantasybigbang. I'm going to use this break to do other things, like read and sew and edit and relax.

But this means I don't have to freak out about my sewing projects. I'll probably work on them tomorrow after the gym.

Other than that, not much to say. I've been writing like mad.

Went to fashion district on Saturday and got some fabric for Rikku's outfit and now I need to think about how I'm going to actually put it together. Now I need to get trim for the shorts and ribbon for the back. Chris is putting together the leather things for me since he has a nice sewing machine for it.

Well. Yeah. Nothing much to say. Life has been pretty boring. Not complaining really! But now I'm not going to power-cram writing and sewing in a few short weeks.


PS I got paid for tutoring! Hoorah!
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Okay so. I've been meaning to make a post (AN ACTUAL POST) for days now. Today's post will be in a rambly paragraph format, so read at your own peril. It will mostly consist of the remains of my anger, as well as talking about plans for next week.

So, first, to get it all out of the way: MY ANGER. At this tutoring company. Wednesday saw a 10-minute rant session to my dad, and yesterday had a 20-minute rant session to my parents. It also involved me nearly screaming my head off in public and crying in my car. On one hand, I am SO TOTALLY GLAD that April is over. Like, I could seriously cry in relief with it being over. But the company decided to inform me yesterday that they didn't accept the SLP I made for Andrea (submitted on the 11th), though they never told me why (or what I should do with the paperwork), just that any hours I completed with her will not be counted (I had around 8). They also decided to inform me yesterday that I never turned in an SLP for one of my students (I turned it in on the 20th, though admittedly it wasn't the signed version, though they just said I never turned one in period), and so I will not be able to tutor her (I've completed around 5 hours with her).

Keep in mind they sent me these emails at 3:30 on a Friday. And my last day of tutoring is Monday.

I sent replies to both emails (the first one saying "Why was it not accepted and why was I not informed of this sooner?" and the second one saying "I turned it in, and I would offer to forward it to you but I guess it would be too late seeing as my last day of tutoring is on Monday"). Of course, I won't get any responses until after Monday. If I do, I will likely promptly delete them without reading them. Because really.

Any rate, I still never found out about if I will owe them the $27 per uncompleted hour. They called me after I finished Lupe and said I would have to, and if I had any questions, I could call their payment and invoicing department. Which would be useless because if I called them yesterday then they wouldn't return my call until, what, next Thursday? Probably a month from now, knowing them.

After talking to mom about it, she announces that it is likely a scam and that they never really planned on giving the kids laptops for "completing 15.25 hours of tutoring"; that when David's previous tutor neglected to file the paperwork correctly, it wasn't the previous tutor's fault it was the company making it look that way. And that if they hire any more tutors on for the remainder of the year, that it will now proceed to look like I have been at fault for missing hours and incomplete paperwork etc.

I had to tell Andrea and Emily (and David's mom) that the company is being a jerk and screwing with all of us. I have pretty much completed all my tutoring. My official tutoring. I promised Andrea that I would let her take the post-test so she can see how much she has improved. I'm going to print it out like a worksheet and have her take it that way, and then we'll just review it together or something.


Tomorrow after work I am making copies of all the paperwork that I have completed--so that I'll have digital copies and then the "official" ones all shoved into the envelope to be mailed off on Monday morning. I am going to take all the copies (or maybe the originals and mail in copies, just to make it more satisfying) on Tuesday and use them in my Beltane ritual: BURNING THEM.

At this point, I have become so exhausted and have had no time really to relax and not stress about anything. Not to say that will all be over at the end of the month, because I am really panicking about these big bangs and I'm honestly considering dropping as an author for FBB, but after this tutoring I will officially have "me" time.

Monday is my chance to unwind. Monday is Walpurgisnacht, or May's eve. After tutoring, I'm going to B&N with Dan and Erika after not having seen them for a month or so, then I'm coming home to have a drink and do some readings with Aurora and Agrippa.

Tuesday is my chance to cleanse. It is Beltane, May 1st. I have the day off, so I am going to clean my bathroom (or at least my bathtub) I don't know when Insurgent will arrive, but I am hoping early in the day! I am going to be dressing in reds and golds/yellows, the color of Amity (from Divergent series) and even close to the colors for Beltane (yellow, green, and pink). I'm going to the beach to read and cleanse my crystals and decks. Then I'm going to bring some sea water home with me, and set up candles around my bathtub and mix the sea water in the bathtub with a little bit of tap water, then proceed to burn all the paper work. Beltane is a celebration of fire, and it is believed that jumping over a bonfire or even a candlestick will help cleanse you. While I can't exactly jump over flames easily in my setting, burning the source of my stress from the past month will be a wonderful release (and it will be into a bathtub filled with my element, water).

So yes, looking forward to that.

I've finished plotting Zero for the most part, and all I need to do is power-through and finish writing it. I found a beta, which is wonderful, and she loves it so far. I'll type up my outline and then send it in with the rough draft on Sunday or Monday. But I honestly don't have the time or the energy to work on FBB. Which, while sad because I do love that story, I would not be able to make it. Not if I also want to do a decent job of editing wayfarer on top of writing Zero. Of course, I'll still be doing art/mixes for it, so. We always need more artists compared to writers. Maybe I'll save it for next round or something.

For those of you who haven't heard, Legend of Korra has been stealing my soul. I need icons. I want to screencap it and then make a pretty picspam but then I see all these pretty graphics on tumblr and I just go "bwuh how does u photoshoop?" (/just like that). But it has been stealing my soul. And I am seriously in love with it and it's potential and I will cry if it only ends up being only the 14 episodes they have planned (they can't call something Book 1 and then not have anything else!!!!!) because there is SO MUCH they can do with the world and 10 more episodes won't cut it FANFICTION!. Chris, Taka and I have created an OC pro-bending team. We are called the Otter Penguins. We're going to dress up and do a photoshoot in the summer. It will be awesome.

Speaking of cosplay, on top of suddenly deciding to do the Otter Penguins (I bought a black wig for my character! I can't wait to get it and style it!), I've decided to add FFX!Rikku to my cosplay list! Oh my god! I've been wanting to do her forever. Now I will! My friend Jessa is actually doing an FFX group (Yuna, Tidus, Wakka, and Lulu) and so I am very excited because I will have people! And they're all amazing cosplayers so I have my work cut out for me. I also asked if she could bring her Roxas so we can take pictures as Roxas and Namine and she said okay *A* (and her Tidus is also her Sora and so that might happen as well and EEEE). Sorry I'm just filled with excited feels because Kat was my cosplay buddy and she's gone ;a; (/makes grabby hands). We're having a trip to the Fashion District in May. It will be grand.

Okay whelp I should go I've got work for six hours tomorrow. But then I am getting stuff to prepare for Beltane and then copying paperwork and doing laundry. And maybe editing.

The only thing I will be sad about no longer tutoring is not having that netbook.

PS: Artemis you damn phone what are you doing what is wrong with you ugh I think I will turn you off and use something else for an alarm just in case.
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I can't believe it either. Just two weeks of April left! So much left yet to do.

A lot of the parents of my students have been asking me if the kids will be getting the laptops at the end of the tutoring, or if I can come back more than twice a week, or if I can stay more than an hour a day. And I feel really guilty saying "no I can't" or "I don't know". Because it's really unfair to both the students and to me that the company put us in such a position. No I cannot get even close to 15 hours for seven students, especially when I only started tutoring two last week. Starting next week, I have to schedule post-tests for everyone. I don't honestly expect some of their scores to rise all that much because I have had so little time with them. But just two more weeks. Two more weeks. Technically less since the last week won't be all tutoring.

It rained last Friday so the bonfire was going to be rescheduled. Ryan wants to go bowling on a Monday or Tuesday but a lot of people decided to just go ahead and do the bonfire this Friday. Ryan won't be able to go since he's got plans already, and I don't think I'll be staying that long because I'll have tutoring until, what, 7:30 I think? And then I have to be up early on Saturday for AX meeting. But it will be nice to go to the beach. The weather has been lovely lately.

So, yes, meeting for AX on Saturday. Gotta be there as close to 9 as possible, which means getting up at 7 (which is fine I've been doing that without an alarm anyway) and leaving at 8 (that's the tricky part). Will be there most of the day so I haven't been able to schedule tutoring for Saturday. There's a form from way back when that I never filled out so I should actually do that and bring it to Jonathan... whoops haha

For those of you that haven't heard, I printed out Wayfarer and stuck it in a giant binder! I want to start editing it, but I really should be writing. And I Haven't been writing. Mostly because when I have the time, I just want to relax because I never really have the time. But guh. I have two weeks left to get as much done of Zero as I possibly can (and reread Divergent if possible) and then comes May, when I must cram in my FBB and somewhere in between read Insurgent and start editing.

My plans for today after this post:
- Clean room while rocking out to Mumford and Sons
- Print out worksheets for students for today (and tomorrow)
- Go to tutoring
- Work in writing if possible

Friday I'll do laundry. And get more writing and possibly editing done.

Had to get my car repaired. It cost somewhere around $1000 though I'm only going to be paying for half of it. Haven't had the chance to talk to parents about what I'll be paying since they picked it up yesterday while I was at tutoring. Of course, I also keep asking my dad to send me an updated total of what I owe him for my cellphone and he never does. Hm.

I think I remembered what I wanted to write for my NaNo novel! And it involves Fe, Finn, and Othello and my attempt at writing horror! Well, horror in the Ghost Hunt sense. Fe is a modern-day witch. I haven't decided which kind yet, but I have been following blogs of a lot of witches and have been utterly fascinated by some of the things they do. I don't think I'll make her someone who dabbles in dark magic but I want to make a character she knows that does. I think Finn will still be a religious person, though he keeps quiet about it. And Othello is just sort of there. I really need to think of a reason why he gets roped in with them. But they're going to fight ghosts and spirits and it's going to be awesome!

Speaking of witch-y things, I really want to set up a mini altar. I know where I want to put it, but then I'll have to find another spot for all my Lego mini figures LOL (well, as well as everything else on that shelf because not everything I want to keep in my altar). I am thinking of changing my bamboo to my old fish bowl because it's been in that vase for far too long (almost seven years) and it's probably not good for it's roots. It is starting to die, so I want to see if there is any way to get it flourishing again. Also, Beltane is coming up on the 1st. Since it is a Tuesday, it calls for a trip to the beach!

Mom and I have already started talking about packing for my trip to Ireland. I am so so so excited though I have to keep reminding my dad to buy tickets because if not then they will just get more and more expensive. YOU GUYS. IT'S JUST A MONTH AND A HALF! AHHHHHH!

Okay I've got an hour and a half to clean my room and get dressed. Let's go.

Here's a six-word story. Back to my FBB because I haven't written for that in ages:

They're carved carefully, lovingly, from bone.


Apr. 11th, 2012 03:25 pm
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This is for [personal profile] kit_kit and [personal profile] maraudersara.

The Magician was the one to speak up first, though his words were muttered like a passing thought to himself. “Comic sans is the font of serial killers.


Er, sorry. The letter is written in comic sans. I was just thinking that... it’s sort of like... the font of serial killers...” His sentence, which had started out strong, petered out at the end as he lost confidence in what he was explaining.

Now, off to writing some more of -Zero- for about 40 minutes, then off to tutoring. Then off to hanging out with Tiffany, Kelsey, and Kathryn! Eeeee~

Posty post!

Apr. 8th, 2012 08:46 am
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Right then I am waiting for my nails to dry since I FINALLY painted them! They look a little sloppy but who cares. They're a pale pink! I want to go over them with silver glitter but I don't know if I'll have time today so I might just wait until I get home from work.

D'arvit I just messed this finger up royally. Uh. Whoops. Okay fixed it now I just have to be very careful.

What now.

Behind on writing but I think that if I just manage to set aside time for myself I will get it done no problem. That's the problem tho, setting side time for myself. On average I get home around 5 or 6, so I should just set 6:30 as my "I'm writing for the next hour do not disturb" and go upstairs to write. Only my desk is a mess so I would have to clean that off before I do that. But I want to get as much done for -Zero- as I can before the May 1st rough draft deadline. Because then I need to work on the FBB story, and do edits on Wayfarer before the end of June. Bah.

As per Soups' request I am going to make a Writers of Yore tumblr for Sara, Kit and myself. Or I suppose anyone who wants to join really? I don't know how it's going to work yet. But we'll see. I also decided to convert my old Mera Werner tumblr that I used for Panem October to be turned into my sewing blog (because my character was the daughter of a merchant in D12 and they sold ribbons and cloth and stuff like that, so the name of it is "band-warin" meaning something like "ribbon guardian"). Then after April I will start using it more since I will be able to go back to sewing!

As I am skipping on Script Frenzy, I think I am going to participate in June's Camp NaNo. Unofficially, of course. I'll miss the first ten days and that will put me really behind, and on top of everything else there is no way I'll actually manage to finish 50k in that month (July would have been better haha). But I've been listening to a lot of Explosions in the Sky and they have always reminded me of the Knights from Deus and so I want to work on Deus. It won't be quite "Deus Light" aka just the knights because I do love Aislin and Evan and Mei and Aleks and Papa!Colbert and Mitch and everyone. Though I don't know how accurate I'll be able to do most of the Egyptians. I might just leave in Owen, Mable, Mitch, and maybe York? But I need Mitch to work with Aleks and you can't ignore Owen and Mable. I suppose that means I'll have to throw in whoever it was that was Set's wife. Oh, and Davie. Can't forget Davie. And Brianna and Bree because I'll have Aislin. And then all the knights. I should technically ask everyone if I can use them? I don't know. I'll ask Cara because I'll want her help with the Egyptians and I dunno. Doing it for the heck of it but I really love the characters and so I don't want to not write them even though they're not all mine. But it will be great.

And then I have to remember what I was going to do for actual NaNo. I've only had one good idea for a story lately but I have since forgotten it since it was based off a dream. I could technically finish WonderHearts...? Since for August's Camp NaNo I am finishing my story from last year. It can be the year of finishing novels! Hm. I don't remember.... I thought I had an idea sobs

Okay well I have to go finish getting ready for work and get breakfast. Erika and I might go see Hunger Games later today lolol what a way to celebrate fertility and rebirth, right? LOL

PS this is my least favorite song on the HG soundtrack :/
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Here we go!

A: Antique glass shatters as time shifts.
A: We follow after the retreating sun.
B: They're only out for the brain.
C: It tasted faintly of boiled cabbage.
C: Only the whites of her eyes.
D: The choice is difficult, but necessary.
E: A million volts spill from her.
F: Even with a different face: Forever.
F: Impregnable and lasting, walls stretching high.
G: Grapes crushed to wine beneath feet.
G: Paint fading after too many summers.
H: It'll stop hurting as you die.
I: The water trickled slowly through dirt.
J: "What a plot twist," Joker said.
K: "Koala bear," she snapped, "won't work."
K: All that glitters -- a regular magpie.
K: Kayaks cutting through the still lake.
L: Her mouth twisted, sharp and sour.
L: The yellow moon hangs low tonight.
M: "Excellent," she said, twirling her moustache.
N: "We are one, together," she whispered.
O: The color of fire, warm, inviting.
O: He returns home a different man.
P: "You'll pop, just like that weasel."
P: A lovely curtsy, a fowl mouth.
Q: "I will obey," said the queen.
Q: She paused, the question left unspoken.
R: Her lungs full to bursting -- straining.
R: Stones slick with moss are scattered.
S: Sacrifice the foot, if it'll fit.
T: "Happiness," he said, "is good tea."
U: He pulled back, flushing bright crimson.
U: It spreads to cover every inch.
V: Lights form a halo, blinding her.
V: Strings of infected code breaking down.
W: In place of blood it flows.
X: It's a frightening, unfamiliar strangeness.
X: Her small chimes make tinny sounds.
Y: Yak burgers, she decided, are delicious.
Y: KIT and HAG don't mean much.
Z: We reach the zenith, toppling over.
Z: A full cycle of animal guides.
Z: We mix together, stripes bending shadows.

Okay so I am technically missing three but I can't think of anything for "vole", "Jejune", and "quark". I feel like some of them turned into riddles where you have to guess what the prompt was LOL here is the post with the original prompts.

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+ Wasn't able to resolve technical issues. Have to reschedule tutoring. Can't do it on Monday because I forgot I get off work at 6 because North Gate. I still can't stop stressing out about tutoring, but it is mostly because I have super long hours at Legoland and so it is impossible to contact the families and set up tutoring sessions at reasonable hours. And it is hard to get a hold of this company. Blah.

+ Never figured out what the second laptop is for. Fedex didn't leave it behind even though I signed and told them to leave it behind the gate. Oh well.

+ Got a bonus at work! Hello extra $170. I like you. Still need to figure out when to make it over to NFCU. Got to deposit like, $400 or so into savings, use about $40 to go towards credit card paying off, and yeah. That sounds good.

+ Mom is threatening to take my car keys and drop me from the auto insurance if I don't get my own by the end of the month. So I need to get on that. Only I don't have time to get on it. I'll try on Tuesday. I get off work at 2:30 on Tuesday though I should schedule for tutoring then ugh

+ Started writing -0-! I'm going to force out a bit more before going to bed since I ended up getting distracted on the internet. I am getting some more plot things down. I will go add them to my plot post some time later. I need to figure out when that rough draft is due. Soon. Too soon. May 1st. That's actually not too bad. Okay. I need to write down all my BB deadlines in my planner haha

+ As I glossed over, long hours at work all next week. As in 44 hours total. I get Friday off, but that's so far away and not nearly long enough ugh but if I can just get Wednesday rescheduled then I will feel better. And if my request for getting off at 3 until 4/30 gets approved. Then I will breathe a whole lot easier about, well, everything. Next Sunday, though, Ryan and I are training four people for turnstiles. It's uh. Going to be interesting. And freaking long. But always color me happy to work with him.

+ What else?

+ There was something else but I don't remember.

+ I'm still not recovered from Thursday/yesterday so I'm going to write this last bit and then go to bed. I start work at 10:30 tomorrow so I can afford to sleep a bit longer.

+ And here it is, your 6-word story based on -0-:

He's tired of following the Fool.
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+ Made beef stroganoff today. It didn't turn out as well I was hoping. We used stew meat instead of fillets or something thinner. Didn't have beef broth so I used French onion soup which means it was a lot more liquidy than it should have been. Still, it was delicious.

+ Missed the entire meeting for AX because of this dinner. I am used to the meetings being 2 hours, and this time it only ended up being like half an hour. So talking with Amy to catch up on what I missed and gave some suggestions.

+ Yesterday was long, but I always get giddy and happy spending time with Ryan (even at work; I'm a lost cause...). But AP is never hard and Sarah was there with me for a few hours. One of the printers broke twice, but I finally managed to fix it. Only, to be on the safe side, I used a different printer for the rest of the day. There was some pretty special moments, such as a woman thinking I could give her actual money for a Legoland gift card. I gave her Lego dollars, which are pretty much a bill form of gift cards, and we've been giving them out because some of the new registers aren't accepting gift cards. So I gave her $10 in return for her $9.18 gift card, and she was like "... what is this? Can't you just give me actual money?" No. Gift cards can never be turned in for actual money. Besides, wouldn't it make sense to exchange a Legoland gift card for money that can only be used at Legoland? LOGIC.

+ Today was short and wet. Got my review for my 2011 Personal Development Plan. Daniel had said "So these are based off the goals we gave you last year--" and I said "I didn't get any." He just gave me this look of surprise then sort of frustration at the leads and then complimented me on how well I did on the goals I didn't know I had.

+ I haven't been inspired to work on my [community profile] fantasybigbang story at all. Mostly because I've been so exhausted. I am going to have to change my writing schedule as it is all out of whack now. I don't think I'll be writing any tonight. I might force myself to do 1k to make up for the 14th or so, but I'm 5 days behind. All the same, I've decided not to do Script Frenzy in April. I don't have the time or the inspiration between work, now tutoring, and two other story projects.

+ That being said: Tutoring! I gots it! It only lasts until April 30th but that's okay. I need to fax a copy of my voided check so I can start working. Got a netbook to use for it, but sadface I can't change the wallpaper :c I need to read over all the paperwork and try to figure it all out before the end of the week. Luckily, I have a lot of days off this coming week.

+ SIX DAYS UNTIL HUNGER GAMES. Taylor Swift performed her second song for the HG companion album at her concert in NZ today and omg I love it I can't wait for this album to arrive on Wednesday! I also hope my "I'll Bake You Pies" shirt arrives soon. It shipped out on like, Wednesday? No, Monday! Man. It should be here by now! FED EX SAID IT WAS DELIVERED TODAY. OH NO I DIDN'T CHECK THE MAIL BECAUSE IT WAS POURING. But if it was Fed Ex then it would have ended up on our front porch sooooo where is it? Sobs.

+ What else? Nothing else that I can think of.

Can't wait to see [personal profile] kit_kit and [personal profile] maraudersara tomorrow! I will do so much writing when I am with you two, I know it. Yesssssssss

Your FBB-inspired 6-word-story for the evening:
The raven still calls to her.

ps I need to figure out how to install custom mood themes on here. I want to use this Tangled one I've been sitting on forever.
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Day two of not getting any writing done but I've had freakishly long and exhausting days. As in gone between 8AM and 9:30PM for both. But it's not like it's been all bad. Work for most of it, and then hanging out with friends! (Yesterday it was with Dan, Erika, and her friend Kelly, and today it was with Tiffany). But! Today is the 15th of March, which means not only is it Et tu, Brutus day, but it is also Catoir's birthday!

So this is for [personal profile] bottlingsound. I actually wrote some Tinsel! I would guess this would be in '85.

Part 2 will come later. (Tomorrow?)

Birthday woes )

PS I caved and bought Dustin O'Halloran's Lumiere album because I couldn't live without it in my life.
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Okay I will just make a quick entry because I need to write!

Can you believe it is Sunday already?! I can't. Of course, yesterday did go by a bit slower than the rest of the week had. And now we have daylight savings and when I woke up this morning it was still dark out and I was sad.

Had my first "official" day of training someone! The last two times, I assisted someone else and so I wasn't the only person. It was just 1-on-1 today with Christina, one of the two that I helped train at turns on Thursday. We couldn't stop laughing and giggling at just really random stuff ("I just wanted to look at your kid, sir, but I couldn't cause the windows are tinted. All I wanna do is look at your kid, sir.") ("the preferred lot is filled with magical unicorns and bon bons!"). So the 6 hours went by quickly (and we ended up going over but it's not my fault).

Window tomorrow. I am trying to decide if I want to make stir fry for lunch (which would involve me making it tonight) or just making a sandwich tomorrow since dad bought a lot of delicious lunch meat. I don't really feel like doing anything else tonight so it might be the sandwich (we have so many noodle packs that I wanted to make stir fry because the rest of my family won't eat them. oh well I have a lot of other long days.)

Today is the first day of my schedule for writing. This week is writing for [community profile] fantasybigbang. I shall include a table here of what my schedule is and update it each day:


I have it all written up on my whiteboard as well for the next two and a half weeks. I'll change it once I finish up this week to include up through the first week or so of Script Frenzy. This one week alone will bring me to a projected goal of 9500, which is just shy of the 10k goal. Of course, I'm aiming for this to be around 15k or 20k so. Two weeks oughta do it. I'll have to work on the P4 fic during script frenzy though in order to make it in time for the rough draft...

Now before I go, here is the survey for Beryl to match Ren's from yesterday.

Beryl Dawn )

Fweee! Time to go write. And since I am starting my writing schedule, the 6-word story is going to be [profile] fbb themed!

Black turns to red, dyeing water.
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So this is pretty much an update on things. Mmyep. With a real entry thrown in!

The list from Wednesday:
+ Print manips and mail them out
+ Call US Healthworks and figure out if they have my TB record
- Called: They should have it--!
+ Get finger printed (remember: print out 3 copies of live scan form)
+ Get milk (also, remember to get debit card from mum for tomorrow)

+ Work from 9:30-2:30
+ Possible TB Test...?
+ Do credit score test
+ Grocery shopping + make dinner (provided parents will be home not late)

+ Get TB test checked after 2:30
+ Online assessment and fill out application
+ Gym, because I'm not going today

+ Work from 8:45-12:45
+ Gym, because why not I will need it
+ If weather is nice, skip the gym, go to the beach!

Things with no real set deadline but preferably soon:
+ Schedule for writing (most of it is done, then I ran out of space)
+ ML message for NaNo, post on ScriptFrenzy board, probably fill out ML form for that
+ Clean my room

Things I need to bring with me for the orientation:
+ Transcript
+ Credit score (I got a 722! Very nice)
+ Fingerprinting form
+ TB results
+ Resume
+ Driver's license and SSC
+ Voided Check
- Book to read because they said that it will take 4 hours but we'll have downtime to read.

I didn't get to go to the beach today because it was SO CROWDED but it was a gorgeous day. Next time i will try harder or park further away and walk, but I was tired from work so I went home and read on the back porch.

Work was crazy busy today. There were a lot of annoyed people, but it was mostly because they don't understand things and the lines were long. Ahn, Gregg and I were wandering around turns and helping the four new people and three first-week people. I'm glad that everyone seams to be pretty chill and don't hesitated to call for help. I had been watching one of the new kids and then someone nudged me and asked me a question and my first thought was "OH GOD THE CUSTOMER JUST NUDGED ME" until I realised it was one of the first-week kids haha Which was fine, because again it just means that they're comfortable here already. Picked up a shift tomorrow for training someone at tolls! This will be exciting. I don't know who I'm training either. Megan and Christina (who I helped train at turns) start training at 9:30 tomorrow, Dominique I thought was getting trained tomorrow with Nick but then Ryan trained him at ticket booth today so idk it will be a surprise! It will be crazy busy tomorrow, too! But the water park opened today and, again, it was a super gorgeous day. And spring break season is starting.

I got super long hours next week (though I'm trying to get off on Thursday before 2 since I have my orientation at 3 and I told them that but they scheduled me until 6). But long hours means more money. I even get a shift at north gate, which means YAY READING! But ugh closing window Monday and opening window on Tuesday is kind of miserable. I am also sad that a lot of my friends are going to the water park which means I'll never see them again haha uguu

Making progress on those 6-word story alphabet prompts! Let's see, out of the 43 I have received, I have completed 19. Almost halfway. Some of them are amusing (like cabbages and moustache), and some of them I really like (like queen and after). Once I finish them all, I'll put them all in one big post.

Took the assessment test for English for the tutoring gig. Um. A few typos, made me cringe in general, and gave me a headache. It wasn't fun. It made me quite sad.

[personal profile] kit_kit and [personal profile] maraudersara have been doing character memes for their [community profile] fantasybigbang characters. Because I like to follow their trends, I shall do some as well. I'll start off with just Ren and Beryl (next post), since they are the main characters, and then see if I want to do anyone else after that (I might, because I'm including both the FBB and the NaNo time-lines into this). Right-oh.

Ren Hari )

Tonight's six word story:
She shivered, and stars began falling.

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