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Title: -0-
Fandom: Persona 4
Written for: [community profile] casestory
Rating: Light PG-13 for swearing and head-trips

Prompt: Here

Link to Podfic Masterpost: Here!
Link to Art: (will be updated when I get it)

Part 2: (will be updated when story is completed)

(warning: WALL O' TEXT! Might break it down further at some point but for now, deal).

Zero, Part 1 )
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Author: [personal profile] lady_mab
Podficcer: [ profile] heavenly_rain
Artist: [ profile] theadaze
Beta reader: [ profile] shroomko

Title: -0-
Fandom: Persona 4
Written for: [community profile] casestory
Rating: Light PG-13 for swearing and head-trips

Prompt: Here

Trapped in locked rooms in an remote warehouse, nine people have to race against the clock in order to unravel the labyrinth filled with strange puzzles. Along the way they are faced with the threat of demons and text messages from someone calling himself "Zero". Each person has a code name based on a tarot cart, but what happens when two with the name Fool appear? Which one is to be trusted: the bumbling stranger with a disarming smile, or the level-headed young man with a mysterious air? And who is this "Mother" that leaves loving messages promising their deaths? When faced with life or death, the human condition shows it's true face. It's up to these nine strangers to learn to either trust each other or die trying.

Link to Podfic Masterpost: Here!
Link to Art: (will be updated when I get it)

Part 1: Here
Part 2: (will be updated when story is completed)

LJ Mirror: (will be updated when I post it there)
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I'm super exhausted and a bit hungry but it is late. I haven't eaten a proper meal all day, just sort of snacked. But that's okay. Here's a quick update instead!

- Walpurgisnact, Beltane, and the day after were all very nice. I didn't burn the papers like I planned, nor did I go to the beach, but I had a very lovely stay at home day and enjoyed my first few days without worrying about tutoring.

- Devoured Insurgent. No joke. Too many feelings and no where to vent them. Dianne will be reading it soon, though.

- CLEANED MY ROOM OH MY GOD. I had laundry out from back when I saw Hunger Games it has been THAT LONG. Desk is still a hopeless mess though, there is no fixing that.

- Need to crank out the second half for Zero. I got two claims for it!! AND SOMEONE WANTS TO DO A PODFIC FOR IT (/foams at the mouth excitedly). Someone also wants to do art even though they don't know the P4 fandom. I AM SO HONORED.

- Tiffany came over yesterday and we had drinks and pretended to write and watched Princess and the Frog. It was good. Then she convinced me to see the Avengers with her.

- I had many Tom Hiddleston feels. They mostly involved me going "He would make a perfect Johannes Cabal oh god why--". I had many other feels over how incredibly good looking the cast is (mmmmm tight pants galore) and how wonderful Joss Whedon is. Also very nearly burst out laughing when the movie just started and Loki was on screen and Tiffany's dad leans over and says "I just paid for your lunch! Don't you feel stupid now!!"

- Got my tickets for my flight to Ireland! Oh god you guys it's coming so quickly I don't know what to do I am so nervous and excited. I depart from San Diego on June 1st at 9:25, then arrive in Dublin at 8AM on June 2nd (got a 3 hour layover in Chicago). Then have trip times. Then we arrive back in Dublin on June 9th. I stay in a hotel overnight and depart from Dublin on June 10th at 10 AM, arriving back in San Diego at 7PM on June 10th (after a 7-hour layover ohgod). But this means I get a whole day to play in Dublin! AHHHH I AM SO EXCITED!

Okay anyway going to bed because I am so super exhausted and my stomach is going "bleh" from lack of food and I don't want to make tea and yeah. Tired but happy.
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He pulled out the container of grass and turned it around in his hands. “For all we know, there could be something on the bottom under all the dirt.” He stepped towards the sink, preparing to dump all the dirt and plant into it.

Teddie scrambled forward, grabbing onto the Emperor's elbow before anything could happen. “Wait!”

It was obvious that the Emperor was doing his best to keep his temper in check. “What?”

“You have to eat it!”

The pause came again, long and tense, before a choked “What?” was finally drawn from the Emperor's lips.

“To reach the secret special message at the bottom of the container, you must eat everything that stands in your path! I saw it in a movie once.” The boy clenched his hand before him, feeling the sudden heat of excitement and a true quest rise up within him “The old man with the weird hand had to drink all the icky water. And no matter how much he cried, the hero would not let him give up!” He slapped a hand to the Emperor's shoulders, his eyes now alight with this fire. “You must eat the grass.”

Yeah so this just happened.
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Okay so. I've been meaning to make a post (AN ACTUAL POST) for days now. Today's post will be in a rambly paragraph format, so read at your own peril. It will mostly consist of the remains of my anger, as well as talking about plans for next week.

So, first, to get it all out of the way: MY ANGER. At this tutoring company. Wednesday saw a 10-minute rant session to my dad, and yesterday had a 20-minute rant session to my parents. It also involved me nearly screaming my head off in public and crying in my car. On one hand, I am SO TOTALLY GLAD that April is over. Like, I could seriously cry in relief with it being over. But the company decided to inform me yesterday that they didn't accept the SLP I made for Andrea (submitted on the 11th), though they never told me why (or what I should do with the paperwork), just that any hours I completed with her will not be counted (I had around 8). They also decided to inform me yesterday that I never turned in an SLP for one of my students (I turned it in on the 20th, though admittedly it wasn't the signed version, though they just said I never turned one in period), and so I will not be able to tutor her (I've completed around 5 hours with her).

Keep in mind they sent me these emails at 3:30 on a Friday. And my last day of tutoring is Monday.

I sent replies to both emails (the first one saying "Why was it not accepted and why was I not informed of this sooner?" and the second one saying "I turned it in, and I would offer to forward it to you but I guess it would be too late seeing as my last day of tutoring is on Monday"). Of course, I won't get any responses until after Monday. If I do, I will likely promptly delete them without reading them. Because really.

Any rate, I still never found out about if I will owe them the $27 per uncompleted hour. They called me after I finished Lupe and said I would have to, and if I had any questions, I could call their payment and invoicing department. Which would be useless because if I called them yesterday then they wouldn't return my call until, what, next Thursday? Probably a month from now, knowing them.

After talking to mom about it, she announces that it is likely a scam and that they never really planned on giving the kids laptops for "completing 15.25 hours of tutoring"; that when David's previous tutor neglected to file the paperwork correctly, it wasn't the previous tutor's fault it was the company making it look that way. And that if they hire any more tutors on for the remainder of the year, that it will now proceed to look like I have been at fault for missing hours and incomplete paperwork etc.

I had to tell Andrea and Emily (and David's mom) that the company is being a jerk and screwing with all of us. I have pretty much completed all my tutoring. My official tutoring. I promised Andrea that I would let her take the post-test so she can see how much she has improved. I'm going to print it out like a worksheet and have her take it that way, and then we'll just review it together or something.


Tomorrow after work I am making copies of all the paperwork that I have completed--so that I'll have digital copies and then the "official" ones all shoved into the envelope to be mailed off on Monday morning. I am going to take all the copies (or maybe the originals and mail in copies, just to make it more satisfying) on Tuesday and use them in my Beltane ritual: BURNING THEM.

At this point, I have become so exhausted and have had no time really to relax and not stress about anything. Not to say that will all be over at the end of the month, because I am really panicking about these big bangs and I'm honestly considering dropping as an author for FBB, but after this tutoring I will officially have "me" time.

Monday is my chance to unwind. Monday is Walpurgisnacht, or May's eve. After tutoring, I'm going to B&N with Dan and Erika after not having seen them for a month or so, then I'm coming home to have a drink and do some readings with Aurora and Agrippa.

Tuesday is my chance to cleanse. It is Beltane, May 1st. I have the day off, so I am going to clean my bathroom (or at least my bathtub) I don't know when Insurgent will arrive, but I am hoping early in the day! I am going to be dressing in reds and golds/yellows, the color of Amity (from Divergent series) and even close to the colors for Beltane (yellow, green, and pink). I'm going to the beach to read and cleanse my crystals and decks. Then I'm going to bring some sea water home with me, and set up candles around my bathtub and mix the sea water in the bathtub with a little bit of tap water, then proceed to burn all the paper work. Beltane is a celebration of fire, and it is believed that jumping over a bonfire or even a candlestick will help cleanse you. While I can't exactly jump over flames easily in my setting, burning the source of my stress from the past month will be a wonderful release (and it will be into a bathtub filled with my element, water).

So yes, looking forward to that.

I've finished plotting Zero for the most part, and all I need to do is power-through and finish writing it. I found a beta, which is wonderful, and she loves it so far. I'll type up my outline and then send it in with the rough draft on Sunday or Monday. But I honestly don't have the time or the energy to work on FBB. Which, while sad because I do love that story, I would not be able to make it. Not if I also want to do a decent job of editing wayfarer on top of writing Zero. Of course, I'll still be doing art/mixes for it, so. We always need more artists compared to writers. Maybe I'll save it for next round or something.

For those of you who haven't heard, Legend of Korra has been stealing my soul. I need icons. I want to screencap it and then make a pretty picspam but then I see all these pretty graphics on tumblr and I just go "bwuh how does u photoshoop?" (/just like that). But it has been stealing my soul. And I am seriously in love with it and it's potential and I will cry if it only ends up being only the 14 episodes they have planned (they can't call something Book 1 and then not have anything else!!!!!) because there is SO MUCH they can do with the world and 10 more episodes won't cut it FANFICTION!. Chris, Taka and I have created an OC pro-bending team. We are called the Otter Penguins. We're going to dress up and do a photoshoot in the summer. It will be awesome.

Speaking of cosplay, on top of suddenly deciding to do the Otter Penguins (I bought a black wig for my character! I can't wait to get it and style it!), I've decided to add FFX!Rikku to my cosplay list! Oh my god! I've been wanting to do her forever. Now I will! My friend Jessa is actually doing an FFX group (Yuna, Tidus, Wakka, and Lulu) and so I am very excited because I will have people! And they're all amazing cosplayers so I have my work cut out for me. I also asked if she could bring her Roxas so we can take pictures as Roxas and Namine and she said okay *A* (and her Tidus is also her Sora and so that might happen as well and EEEE). Sorry I'm just filled with excited feels because Kat was my cosplay buddy and she's gone ;a; (/makes grabby hands). We're having a trip to the Fashion District in May. It will be grand.

Okay whelp I should go I've got work for six hours tomorrow. But then I am getting stuff to prepare for Beltane and then copying paperwork and doing laundry. And maybe editing.

The only thing I will be sad about no longer tutoring is not having that netbook.

PS: Artemis you damn phone what are you doing what is wrong with you ugh I think I will turn you off and use something else for an alarm just in case.


Apr. 11th, 2012 03:25 pm
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This is for [personal profile] kit_kit and [personal profile] maraudersara.

The Magician was the one to speak up first, though his words were muttered like a passing thought to himself. “Comic sans is the font of serial killers.


Er, sorry. The letter is written in comic sans. I was just thinking that... it’s sort of like... the font of serial killers...” His sentence, which had started out strong, petered out at the end as he lost confidence in what he was explaining.

Now, off to writing some more of -Zero- for about 40 minutes, then off to tutoring. Then off to hanging out with Tiffany, Kelsey, and Kathryn! Eeeee~

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