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This is a page for things I'm currently reading/writing/playing/idek there will be things

Currently Reading
  • Half-Asleep in Frog Pajamas
  • The Magicians
  • The Lies of Locke Lamorra
  • The Kingdom Beyond the Waves

Currently Writing
  • Sine Die 206
  • Lockwood/Cabal crossover

Currently Playing
3DS: 1306-5876-1300 Add me!
  • Kingdom Hearts 3D
  • Fire Emblem: Awakening

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  • Portal 2
  • Anna
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I decided that I really need to start being more proactive about my (lack of) productivity when it comes to things. I spend too much time sitting around doing nothing but refreshing tumblr. In my (current) defense, it is way too hot to care about doing anything BUT that. Cleaning? Dishes?! Fuck, ain't no one got the constitution for that. It's uncomfortably warm and stuffy and muggy. Gross.

Anyway, I was considering this yesterday, especially since at the moment I Have been having a lot of half-shifts and days off due to the Water Park being closed during the week. I figure I just need to start being a bit more forceful when it comes to getting up and doing things -- because when I do, I get things done. It just takes that bit of effort.

So, I plan to start acting accordingly! At the moment, due to my new year's goal being writing every day and getting 25k every month, I'm going to focus on that. But there are a lot of books coming out, and I have a shitton of books on my TBR list that I don't even want to make a TBR list. I have so many crafts that need to be done, laundry that needs to be put away, paperwork for healthcare to look over. I need to be an adult! Ugh.

The first part of that plan is creating a breakdown for things. Yeah, I'm going to be one of those people who schedules her days. It will be a fun challenge to wrap up the year with, and possibly carry over into the new year (in which it will help me with my new goal of reading a certain number of books in a year!)

- Having an hour to just sit down and write. This can be even sitting down to do a blog post (if I start counting them toward my word count, which I Haven't been yet), or writing in a journal. One hour dedicated to writing, even if it is just three words in the end. Turn off the internet and write. Can't do much else during that hour.
- Watch an episode of a show. I have so many anime discs sitting around unwatched because I buy them and go "I'll rewatch this one day". So why not try and incorporate it into my routine? On days I have off, or days that I don't have a long shift at work, I can watch more.
- An hour of video games! I have so many that I need to make my way through, and I generally can't play some of them very long because I get motion sickness (not as bad as it used to be at least). Also, make an effort to check my Animal Crossing village before actually settling in to play ;a; I haven't played in so long I think they have all left me.
- Set aside time for crafts! This can easily be mixed in with watching an episode -- and even more productive on days when I "allow" myself to marathon episodes. This is why I started crochet in the first place -- to give me something to do as I listened to WTNV. Now I can crochet (not that I'm making anything, mostly just practicing...) or work on those jellyfish. Or start scrapbooking officially!
- Always read before going to bed. Make sure to head off before I get too tired, so I can make sure that I can get in at least an hour. This will be increased next year, as I want to try and do a reading challenge. But at the moment, I can at least manage this much and get through two of the currently-reading that I've been sloughing my way through!

Things like listening to audio books or WTNV episodes are best saved for when I'm going on trips. If I'm driving I can't double up, but if I take the train again, or someone else is driving, I'd be able to do something like crochet or play a handheld game that doesn't require thought.

In all honesty, one of my worst fears is not being able to read all the books I have, or play all the video games I have.

Assuming I get home at 6, this is roughly 3.5 hours on average (depending on the show I'm watching). Throwing in time for food, chatting with roommates, relaxing, etc, I'm still looking at capping off around 11. Give or take. Like I said, I'm prioritizing writing. So if I have to sacrifice something, the video games and TV shows will be the first to go.

Of course, this doesn't account for any time during Camp/NaNo or when books come out (I'M LOOKING AT YOU, LOCKWOOD, CABAL, AND CLARIEL), in which all I will be doing is reading those and making sure I carve out at least five minutes to write.

So. Yeah. I'm going to try and get started on that over the next few days! I have the next two days off, but I might do something with Xavier tomorrow (or I might convince him to come over and marathon sleepy hollow or darker than black with me so I can work on jellyfish) and Thursday I'm going to be at my parents' house so I can pick up my mom from work.

WISH ME LUCK. I'm going to me a "currently" post with books I'm reading, video games I'm playing, and stories I'm writing. Just because!
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Wowow I just made two icons and I haven't made icons in FOREVER so they're not the best but I'm still really proud of them? I rather miss making icons! Since I'm going to be getting back into the habit of using DW, expect to see some new icons making appearances! :)

Alright so today marks the start of my impromptu (?!) 4-day vacation because the water park IS NOW CLOSED ON WEEKENDS! Hoorah! Sort of. I don't really know how I feel about this. For those of you not in the know, Xavier took a promotion at work that meant I could not be under his direct supervision. Even though we never created an issue in the past, even though there are plenty of ways OTHER people are bending the rules, I had to be relocated. So up to the water park I went, which was fine and all while it was still the spring/summer season. But now it's over and the water park is only open on weekends and so that SUCKS as far as a paycheck goes.

In reality, I should go and find a new job - preferably one closer to Escondido (where I'm living), preferably one with benefits and better than 11.50/hr pay. But I'm comfortable and I'm lazy and despite the way I feel utterly shafted in this situation, I love the environment that I work in. I applied for the Guest Communications Coordinator position (I worked with them over spring, too, so really I'm a shoe-in for the position, and it's going to be part time with the possibility of turning into full-time when they can expand the department, which would be FLAWLESS), and I applied for the Brick-or-Treat seasonal events position because I think that would be really fun to do.

We'll see how that turns out. I don't work again until Saturday, and then it looks like I'll have a Sunday shift, a short shift on Wednesday, and possibly one next Saturday but not as a lead. I wonder if I'll still be getting lead pay since I Haven't signed an action form to the contrary. Otherwise, it's back to 10.50/hr

In other more exciting news! Because this is all about spending money which is a terrible topic to follow up with after talking about how my hours are being cut? I bought an Alpacasso and it is RAINBOW colored (only because the blue and beige ones are sold out :c) and I'm going to name it Hajime and apparently it's going to ship on Friday? idk why it will take a week to ship but whatever. That means it should be here in a week? I WANT IT NOW but yeah super excited because I've wanted a giant alpacasso FOREVER and it was only $20 because of free shipping and $5 off so THAT'S COOL. So much cheaper than buying it at a con, even though my choices were limited.

AND SPEAKING OF HAJIME, GATCHAMAN CROWDS WAS RELEASED IN THE US TODAY So I went and bought a copy because there is no way I'm waiting until a con while probably not saving anything (it ended up being 44.99 after 10% off which is typical con prices, really). I added a $5 grab bag thing from the website so I could get free shipping. SO EXCITED. The dub doesn't sound fantastic but I'm always just sort of skeptical buT SUGANE. MY PRECIOUS BB SUGANE. MAYBE THIS WILL INSPIRE ME TO FINISH FIC?

The Panic! At the Disco concert last Wednesday WAS AMAZING!!! We got SUPER LOST and that in itself was a MAJOR EXPERIENCE oh my god we ended up driving up this little narrow road where all these people were walking down and then ?!?!? SUDDENLY WE WERE ON A PEDESTRIAN/BIKE PATH AND I WAS JUST IN THE BACK LIKE "I FUCKED UP OH MAN I FUCKED UP SO BAD" and we were all freaking out and poor J probably got really stressed (I'm sorry J for being a bad navigator) and Southie or Lisa kept saying "JUST PRETEND LIKE WE'RE SUPPOSED TO BE HERE HELL YEAH" so we turned around in the middle of the courtyard and drove back down trying not to scream but then we found parking (and we didn't pay? but we didn't get a ticket or get towed so that's okay). We have no idea where everyone else parked. But on the plus side, SDSU is a really pretty campus! We didn't have Yasi with us to be our guide haha but we will for Bastille in November!

What else?

Going to hang out with Xavier tomorrow which WILL BE SO NICE because I haven't seen him for more than like MAYBE 10 minutes at one point over the last two weeks. It's just always really briefly at work before I head up to the water park. Thursday I'm going to hang out with Dianne up in Temecula! The nice thing about having so little days at work is I can go and see more people!

Lockwood 2 comes out in two weeks, The Maze Runner movie comes out shortly after that (after being so excited all summer I CAN'T BELIEVE I FORGOT!!). I'm waiting for my books from SFBC to come so I can start reading The Queen of Tearling for our book club. More on that most likely after I get the book.

For now, I'm going to take a quick shower and then go get my nails done. There is this place by work that does gel nail polish which is stronger than regular nail polish so hopefully it will hold up against all my typing! Also, we are allowed to start wearing COLORED POLISH at work now! So that is super cool and I don't feel guilty about doing it. It's apparently really cheap too. I'll also need to buy milk/creamer because WE WERE ALL OUT and I don't like almond milk so my coffee this morning was a bit sad. But beyond that, today Southie and I are going to liveblog our mundane day over instagram! Feel free to follow me! but she'll be waking up late so there will be time for that later.

PS We might also go buy a bunch of fabric to make jellyfish out of shhhh who knows
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One more quick thing so I can actually have it somewhere I won't forget:

- September 16th: Lockwood & Co. book 2!
- September 22nd: Sleepy Hollow Season 2!
- September 30th: Johannes Cabal book 4!
- October 14th: The Lost Abhorsen!
- October 22nd: The 100 Season 2!

The good thing is all the books come out on Tuesdays and I have Wednesdays off SO I WILL GET TO READ ALL DAY THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER
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Yeah so I said I would return and so here is my first effort at making this return!

It's going to be a quick post though because I have to shower and get ready to go out so bullet points!

- I still feel really exhausted all the time and my cold has decided to kick in for possibly a third week. It felt like my coughing was a lot worse last night, but it probably had to do with my sister smoking and a lot of talking.
- Despite that, I'm going out with her to see Guardians of the Galaxy (my second time, her first IT IS SUCH A GOOD MOVIE).
- TONIGHT IS PANIC! AT THE DISCO CONCERT HELL YEAH HELL YEAH I'm really excited I'm going to be a wreck tomorrow but who cares
- This is the last week of me being at the water park (well except for weekends) so it will be interesting to see what happens. Apparently there is a position opening up for wardrobe (I should check the job listings just in case), I applied to the seasonal events position for brick or treat, and I can still help out at GCC. So I mean, I have my bases covered, but there are still a lot of things that can happen. Like I could stop being lazy and look for a job closer to the apartment.
- I went out with Eunice the other night (...Monday! I forgot what day of the week it was for a moment). It was super great to see her again. She's moving out to Maryland for work though! Ahhh sad I couldn't spend more time than a last-minute thing but that's okay. I'll go visit her (and Caitlin fufufu) next year!
- Yesterday, Claire and I went to go see Meredith! THAT was super fun. She lives fairly close so it's kind of sad that I haven't made more of an effort to see her, but we've both had very busy schedules. She's moving over to somewhere near Balboa Park in the next month so definitely need to hit her up after that.

Hm anything else? Not that I can think of. I need to ensure that I get some writing done today between going out with Claire and the concert. HOKAY talk to you again soon!
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Wow it's like I only come to you guys when I need a place to put things that isn't tumblr or twitter I'm sorry.

I think I want to start using this some more than I have in the year or two past, mostly because -- while not a lot has happened -- I like having this space to turn to that isn't limited by characters or viewable by so many people. (Or anyone because I don't know who is still here?!) (IF YOU ARE HI HOW HAVE YOU BEEN I HAVE MISSED THIS SPACE)

Okay but I have created a writing twitter dedicated to me rambling on about my stories so I don't spam lil-miss-banana with it all. So please check out pepper_squash if you are interested in it! A few days ago, after deciding I wanted to talk about my stories, I decided to tweet about them. And I selected 20 different titles to talk about. Novels, "novellas", "idk what to do with these", "I would love to write this if it didn't take so much time" and "oh my god I forgot about these". And then I took the time to pull that all from twitter and format it. Only now it's posted backwards so I have to fix that before I post it on here.

So be prepared for the madness below the cut of like 6k+ of me talking about 20 different stories sobs


(/curtain draws shut across the scene)
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So I decided to make a post that holds all my sewing info with upcoming projects, current projects, and the like. It'll be a sticky post so that I can come back to it often :) and because my previous sticky post, of RP muses, is sort of moot because I no longer RP

Personal Sewing Projects:
Random outfit! (want to finish by AX)
- Grey skirt (about 50% completed)
- Burgundy vest (about 20% completed)
- Striped shirt
- Burgundy hat
Dapper Day Dress (finish by September)
- Dress

Cosplay Projects:
Fem!Aziraphale (finish by late July)
- Tartan pencil skirt
- Wings (make or buy)
- Wire-frame glasses

Possible Projects:
- 1925!Miku
- Code:Variant!Gumi
- FFX!Rikku

A dream

Sep. 12th, 2013 07:59 pm
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Alright so I needed somewhere to put this and why not on my seldom-visited DW?!

forgive the rambling )

on writing

May. 18th, 2013 09:34 pm
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it's been forever since I've posted here but I just have something I feel like getting off my chest because it's really been bothering me for awhile and I don't think I'll be able to move on with writing until I do.

insert rambling here )
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I failed to mention it on my DW but I mentioned it everywhere else multiple times, but I FINISHED MY FIRST DRAFT (second draft?) OF MWYR! I am so so so completely excited because, as of yesterday, Sarah finished reading it and wrote me 20+ pages of notes and is going to help me do fashion references once I decide on an era. AHHHH I know a lot of my other friends are reading it but I don't know how far along they all are. But it means a lot to me to have all these different people reading it (friends, family, people I don't know that well--thanks to all of you!)

I also finished rereading the first Kali and reading the 2nd Kali and asdflkj mmmmrrrrrrrrrrr my boys. All of them. I'm really proud of Sarah for charging ahead with it, because I think it is her most well-developed story and I will link you all once she puts it up onto Amazon and B&N for an epub book! Please buy it! It's fabulous. I will be buying it.

I've made several FSTs recently, one for Mwyr, and one for Kali 2 being the ones I will pimp at all of you. I listened to the Mwyr one the entire time I worked on the novel through the end of January and into February, and I've been listening to the Kali one all day today.

Tiffany and I have been looking at apartments online and are finding ones we like and making an order to all of them. We are both really excited. One place we found is TOTALLY ADORABLE AND PERFECT and it's right next to the lake and is in a really nice neighborhood and is really affordable. We've got some time to keep looking, but we're hoping to get that one. And we'll get to see Thor 2 and Catching Fire together (actually, the whole me moving out there with her thing started because I wanted to see Catching Fire with her. It escalated quickly.)

It was only yesterday that I came to realize that, after moving out to live in Chicago, I won't want to move back home with my parents. My mom has been telling me in no uncertain terms that they are thinking of renting out the guest house where I stay, which means I would have to move into the smaller room in the house. But, on the whole, I am really tired of living at home. It has it's perks, of course, but I'm turning 25 this year I think it's about time I get on my feet.

So I asked Sarah if her and Ick would be interested in moving in together somewhere (not San Francisco like our original plans with Amy, but somewhere), and she said they were considering doing something similar with their friend Julia from PA. They were looking into San Bernardino, probably close to where my mom had her apartment. But I think it would be a lot of fun. I know a lot of people have said to me "we should live together" but it's only that: Saying it. They're all very comfortable with where they are right now living and so who am I to say "you need to disrupt this so that I can make my way in". Sarah and Ick are in the same position that I am in. So it is perfect.

Camp NaNo starts next week (well, a week and four days?) And it's kind of cool because this year they are allowing you to set your own word count goal! So I'm aiming for 25k because super busy work hours. I'll also be doing world building exercises for Mwyr during that time, whew!

At the same time, there is a new fantasy anthology project that is accepting submissions with the theme of "Rediscovery". Submissions are to be 2k-8k long and I'm thinking of turning "Still Waiting" into a short story, and possibly seeing if I can't get Soup and Ick to help me out with an Adonisville entry. I've already started writing the thing for SW and it will be interesting to see how I will change it.

Gosh I've had this open for hours but nothing has been going down on here very easily

Dianne is about to start reading Mwyr! I am very excited, and she's going to liveblog her progress on tumblr using the tag "Mwyr because YOLO".

So I'm going to sit here and play Candy Crush and Bubble Witch or something and decide if I want to outline for Camp NaNo or draw.
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Went to the dermatologist today and GOOD NEWS IS, I'M NOT DYING FROM THIS RASH (okay no, that was never actually a consideration, but...) It had just spread so quickly that it was really disconcerting. Turns out it's just pityriasis rosea, and it might have been caused by a virus (like a cold virus), and then turned into a rash. It's not contagious nor dangerous, so it's just going to run its course for six-eight weeks. It's already starting to fade a bit on my neck/left arm. So, that's good!

Had date times with Xavier yesterday, and we went to a park with Kailan to take her on a walk. Then we came back and finished watching Tron: Uprising (ugh it's so good you guys). Also, our six months is the day after Valentine's lolol

Speaking of Kailan, dad bought new food for her and I don't think she likes it very much. Well, I mean, she eats it, but her stomach was making funny noises and now she's gassy. At least it hasn't gotten any worse than that. But I kicked her outside because hodamn those were some smelly farts, and now she won't stop barking. She's been at it for at least an hour.

Also, Molly has been forgetting how fat she is. It's kind of sad and adorable at the same time.

Sent resume and sample cover letter to mom, and she's going to look them over and spruce them up so I can apply to the concierge position for the hotel. Wish me luck with that the job has been posted for nearly 10 days ughhh

I'm in a rather weird mood at the moment. The internet is being slow and boring, and I really should be writing but I've ran out of steam to try and push through this block on Mwyr. I've decided I'll dedicate myself to finishing it in February, like I did with Wayfarer, but right now, getting this scene in 18 moving is really hindering me. And it's the start of a very important scene so I need to get through it! All the same, I'm going to go make Unbirthday tea and reread Pools of Radiance (because it's my favorite).

PS I uploaded all my important docs onto my Google Drive! Now they're backed up on the cloud and I can get them on my chromebook. In doing so, I got the urge to try and work more on SD, seeing as it was going to be written in the style of a cellphone novel. Hm.
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It has been awhile since I last posted, and even those last few posts haven't had much substance in general. I won't bother going into a lot of detail because it has been mundane and boring. So here is just a brief going on of what has been happening in the life of Mab.

Sister has officially moved out! Ah, so exciting! So relieving! Mom has cleaned the downstairs and wowow in one day, it was cleaner than it had been in FOREVER. Well, since August when Claire moved home. She also found the box of old cameras that Edgar's uncle gave Claire. I wand to get them fixed up and play with them oh my gosh I know film cameras are out of date and expensive but hnnng it would be so hipster much fun to take pictures with them! They're all super classy looking as well.

Claire took Elle with her instead of Kailan, so now I am saddled with a needy dog that doesn't understand personal space. It's fine when she's calm (like right now, she's sleeping next to me). But when she's not, it's IMPOSSIBLE. That and Molly isn't too fond of her and so she won't come near me most of the time when Kailan is around. I just want my kitty cuddles ubuu

January 4th-6th was Anime LA, which was just a chance for me to hang out with people I normally don't hang out with. I didn't cosplay--I dressed up fancy for photos on Sunday, though. My pink wig STILL hasn't arrived (I ordered it December first, delivery date was projected to be December 20th-January 9th. Um.) so I couldn't do Gunnerkrig!Annie. Also, no longer felt like doing Jack Frost which was too bad because I spent like $14 on the wig so now I have this unstyled silver wig kicking around. Oh well.

Around the 5th or so I noticed this rash appearing on my right arm. Thinking nothing of it, I carried on. 15 days later, it has since spread and now I'm starting to worry about it. It's across both shoulders/clavicle, up my neck, and has now progressed down to my hips/back. THE HELL. And now it's starting to itch! I don't know how I got it. My mom thinks it might be the pets, but I got it before they started sleeping in my bed near constantly, and I never had an issue with them when they DID sleep in my bed. I should probably wash my sheets though. I have since changed my towels and washed all my clothes since that time. Have an appointment with the dermatologist on Wednesday. Ugh. I'm die.

I don't know if that dry patch on my face is part of the rash or just part of the dry skin I've been having all over my face due to the face cream I have to use. Ugh my life.

Oh that reminds me I owe the dermatologist $30 still because my insurance didn't cover it all/it might have been because I canceled an appointment less than 24 hrs before the appointment and you get charged for that/it was originally $20 but I forgot to tell my mom and it has since gone up whoops.

I have a warm puppy curled up against one side of my leg and a hot cup of tea on the other. It is a very warm leg.

Okay so what else.

Bought fabric for my next dapper day dress! I just need to buy a pattern. I'm going to pick through Vogue and Butterick on the 1st/2nd because Joann's is having a giant sale. But I also have this really cute Simplicity pattern that I'm tempted to use, though I don't want one that is so narrow. I did buy 4 yards of fabric, though. If I go with one with too much flare, I might not have enough. There was a very cute vogue pattern I saw that I might get. It has a dress and a bolero. Though I also really like this one so if I see it I might nab it... I love pattern sales oh my goodness. I also bought this really cute hat pattern so I need to buy some red felt for that. Or use more of my brown fabric and get a red accent. But! Xavier is going to come with me! And so will Justin and probably Lisa. Diego and his girlfriend might come as well. Justin and Lisa won't be dressing up though ahaha bums

Xavier texted me yesterday saying that Justin Crast (one of our supervisors) called him into his office to ask if we were indeed dating. Because apparently several people told him about us? Which bothers both of us because, what, did we inconvenience you so much that you had to go out of your way to tell one of the higher-ups? We weren't exactly 100% discreet while at work, but we still kept everything professional and he still treats my cash outs just like any other MC. Yet still people had to have felt bothered by us enough to go and tell Justin. That's weird, right? Ugh it kind of frustrates me. Xavier didn't ask who it was that had told Justin, but I figured he wouldn't have told anyway. I'd like to know. To just go up to them and go "really? Our personal life outside of work concerns you that much?" Whatever. The overall result of that being that we no longer have to be discreet about it (we kept it to ourselves before because Xavier is cash out lead and therefor a higher position than I am). So, that's nice.

In other news, jobs are open at the hotel! I think I'll apply for concierge, since I have no "hotel front desk" experience (and a preferred candidate would speak Spanish fluently guh). Though I suppose it wouldn't hurt to apply for that anyway. I'll have my mom help me spruce up my resume tomorrow and get that turned in.

When August rolls around, I'll be moving out to Chicago with Tiffany! We'll be there until mid December. I'm so very excited about this. (hah look Lego Discovery Center in Chicago is hiring right now!) She's going to attend the sister school to her current university for one term.

Ugh my chin itchesssss I itch all over I hate this rash asldfkj rolls around and dies

With Motorcity over, the fandom has come up with two new ideas to keep the fans active: Motorcomic and Motorjam. The Jam I am quite nervous about because it's a very intense weekend of creating a game. I'll be writing for one (hopefully!). It's going to be February 8th-10th. I'm hoping that they'll announce our teams before so I can at least get a head start on plotting in case I have to work those days? I won't know for another two weeks if I will or not. Ugh.

Motorcomic, on the other hand, is going to be VERY exciting! Things are finally start to kick into gear. We're allowed to pick up two prompts, and so I've claimed a couple of fun ones ;) I had to drop two I wanted to do (one I might not pick up again, the second I likely will). The first one I've got is focused on the relationship between Kane and Mike, and how Julie viewed it (being Kane's daughter and all). Already got some good plotting done with my cowriter :) the second prompt is that someone pops up claiming to be Mike's father. I started to get ideas this morning, but I am going to be the only writer for that one it looks like. Though I will likely be turning to Wrexie and Rutella for assistance. If... Wrexie actually confirms. She's been on skype, just not on the forums... Hm. I just want to get STARTED ALREADY!

I should type up my stuff for the Mike's father prompt and share it. Yeaaaah.

Whelp i'm going to go wash my face and head to bed. i need to get my oil changed tomorrow. I should also really get back to cleaning my room...


PS2 I need to think of a tag for whenever I talk about me and Xavier because, you know, I tag almost every other aspect of my life. Whoops.
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So I didn't have Tuesday and Wednesday to work because I was at Universal Studios and Disneyland, respectively. And next week the park is open every day, but my days off consist of leaving on vacation to visit fabulously wonderful people for photoshoots, baking, and waif-ooh times.

And then I get back, have less than a week, and have to leave for ALA.

Basically, today is my last day off of doing truly nothing (I close window tomorrow, am at north gate until 6 on Christmas, but at least I get off at 3:30 on Christmas Eve so I'll have some time then). Thus, I really need to get my butt in gear!

  • Shower cause my hair is grossss
  • clean the litter box (I think my sister has a genetic defect where she can't clean anything)
  • Wrap the boyfriend’s presents
  • Change the sheets on the bed to fleece ones (SO WARM AND COZY)
  • When dad gets home, get him to fetch soap from the drain (I KNOCKED MY TINY BAR OF SOAP DOWN THE DRAIN NOOOO) and have him help me fix that thing in my car
  • Get gas
  • Buy things for necklaces and earrings for Waif-ooh and deathly hallows
  • Buy craft paper and wood for Jack Frost staff
  • Buy wig head and other styling stuff (sobbing so nervous)
  • Buy hair dye for myself!
  • If possible start painting the hoodie!

Right then. Time to get started on the day! I'll cross things off as I come to them, but for now, I'm off to start a load of laundry, clean the litter box, and then shower.
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A lot of people really wanted to see this post and so I suddenly feel like there is a "no pressure!" situation going on. Wow.

I'm going to ramble on a bit about my history with this story and then I'll get in to talking about the plot.

Be warned: There are going to be spoilers galore! So if you're adverse to spoilers of ANY KIND, even if it's a story you might not even read, then tread with caution!

Current Status: 16.5 chapters written // 82600 words of the original goal of 60k

Ease of access links to sections here:
- My history with "Mwyr" and why I love it so
- Canon history of the world in "Mwyr" (or the world of Mwyr depending on how you look at it)
- Rambling on about the story

history of mwyr )
Canon history leading up to where I am )
Ramblings on the current story )

Most of the questions that I have revolve around what will happen in book two, so I don't want to consider them just yet--mostly because I don't know how things will proceed with book one. But you will learn more about the Goddess' history, the Ti'Corrah, and the "Song of the Seven Heroes". You'll also get to meet this new race of creatures called the Hatu--another race that is "not supposed to exist yet still does anyway", and Sera geeks out major (he's a history buff).

My biggest problem, as of now, is trying to figure out where the plot is going. Because while the original point of the story was Arika traveling to get home, that's been erased.

Now, I should go and work on the actual story...
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I just need to write it down before I forget it. Feel free to ignore. I don't even know if it will make its way into NaNo, or if I'll make a series out of this book. So here we go.

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((Time for work!))
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Like I mentioned, I wanted to add a new character in order to make this strange conversation a reality in my NaNo.

I decided that he's a friend of Othello's from university so he's a bit older (probably around Finn's age) and he comes out to see what little Donahue is up to after graduating.

Also, he's the Devil's avatar and he's really just out for Fe's soul.

He told me, quite plainly, that his name is going to be Christian.

I told him "No" because 1) I already have a character named that and I hate repeating names and 2) THAT WOULD BE TOO IRONIC.

He's just smiling and giving me this look like "Don't even try to argue with me we both know that's going to be my name."


Edit: I was trying to think that, because this story takes place in Tennessee, not every character has to be white (at first this new guy was blonde), and so he went "I can be a black guy!" but that's just too stereotypical! He just does not want to be PC! Work with me here, dude.

Hint: He's still just grinning.
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This week is an easy week for me, which is nice. Only working 31 hours or so, but 7 of them are going to be training hours! Bwahaha. But, surprisingly, I have two days off this week! I totally needed it. I was starting to feel burnt out and felt the comings of a cold.

Comings of a cold have fled and creativity has returned! In time for Nano! (so Adonisville and Mwyr need to stop being on my mind).

But, really, I've been feeling very creative lately and writing lots of dialogue scenes. And then this morning (in between chasing my cats around with a squirt bottle) I created a strange world that I would love to eventually incorporate into something. Under the cut.

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But really I should be concentrating on my NaNo stop STOP THAT ME.

I wrote a dialogue yesterday that I now need to add into my NaNo, only it means I need to create a new character. Which is so strange to be because it has ALWAYS been just Fe, Finn, and Othello. So I don't know if this will be fun or a challenge. Maybe I'll troll the NaNo forums for something. Until then, I should get back to ironing out this plot. I'm going to make profiles for the main three up at Charahub later today.

Well, I need to go eat because my tumbly is all a rumbly, and then I need to be producitve. I wanted to get a haircut and dye my hair today, but I don't know if that's going to happen (well, I need to touch up my hair because my roots are showing but I guess I might not go for the color change I had been planning just yet).

PS this song has been on repeat the entire time I made this post. HOT DAMN I love it. Finally bought it yesterday. Got tired of just repeating it on youtube.

PS 2 I need to make new icons.
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Title: -0-
Fandom: Persona 4
Written for: [community profile] casestory
Rating: Light PG-13 for swearing and head-trips

Prompt: Here

Link to Podfic Masterpost: Here!
Link to Art: (will be updated when I get it)

Part 2: (will be updated when story is completed)

(warning: WALL O' TEXT! Might break it down further at some point but for now, deal).

Zero, Part 1 )
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Author: [personal profile] lady_mab
Podficcer: [ profile] heavenly_rain
Artist: [ profile] theadaze
Beta reader: [ profile] shroomko

Title: -0-
Fandom: Persona 4
Written for: [community profile] casestory
Rating: Light PG-13 for swearing and head-trips

Prompt: Here

Trapped in locked rooms in an remote warehouse, nine people have to race against the clock in order to unravel the labyrinth filled with strange puzzles. Along the way they are faced with the threat of demons and text messages from someone calling himself "Zero". Each person has a code name based on a tarot cart, but what happens when two with the name Fool appear? Which one is to be trusted: the bumbling stranger with a disarming smile, or the level-headed young man with a mysterious air? And who is this "Mother" that leaves loving messages promising their deaths? When faced with life or death, the human condition shows it's true face. It's up to these nine strangers to learn to either trust each other or die trying.

Link to Podfic Masterpost: Here!
Link to Art: (will be updated when I get it)

Part 1: Here
Part 2: (will be updated when story is completed)

LJ Mirror: (will be updated when I post it there)
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I never did come back with that longer post, did I? Oh well. I got home a week ago from Ireland and I am still sort of stuck in the time difference (as in I want to go to bed at 8 and wake up at 5 or 6). Pictures are slowly going up on FB, barely making it to tumblr every so often.

I'm struggling to catch up with everything and have experienced my first fail as an author I was going to make a mix for had her posting date just recently and I had no idea because she never kept in contact with me after I got the rough draft. Well, that's fine. She had four other people claim her story so what's being short one mix? Other than that, I am hanging in there.

Just wanted to jump in and say "hey there". Going to make posts for FBB because I'm behind on that. I can't be faulted for stumbling a bit--I did run Round 2 quite flawlessly imo ahur.

I have the day off, so I shall unpack (FINALLY), do laundry, and work on cosplay (OH GOD OH GOD 10 DAYS UNTIL DAY 0!!!). If I have time, I'll make more posts.

PS: My mom has been pretty sick for the last two weeks, and I caught her cold on Friday. I've got a date of sorts on Thursday (and Friday!) and when I was complaining about being sick, the guy I'm going with said "Well. Get better." and I said "You don't think I'm trying?!" So here's to me trying.

PS2: My sister's commencement ceremony was on Saturday! Today, she turns 22! So weird ugh my little sister is growing up

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